Hall Baltimore
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Hall Baltimore (Character)
from Twixt (2011)

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Twixt (2011)
Hall Baltimore: The fog on the lake reminds me of my first wife - it dissipated with time.

Poe: Of all the melancholy topics, what, according the the universal understanding of mankind, is the most tragic?
Hall Baltimore: Death.
Poe: And when is this most tragic of melancholy topics most poetical? When it most loosely alludes itself to beauty. The death, therefore, of a beautiful girl is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world. Equally, it is beyond doubt that the lips best suited for such a topic, are those of a man who loved her.

Hall Baltimore: People are saying what's going on up here is evil. Are you worried about that?
Flamingo: Look around. Does this look evil to you?

[last lines]
Sam: Hall Baltimore, master of witchcraft no more.
Hall Baltimore: Nevermore.
[they shake hands]

Hall Baltimore: People always ask me "How do you know so much about witches?", and I tell them, "Cause I married one!"

Sheriff Bobby LaGrange: [sarcastically] How does it feel to be the bargain-basement Stephen King?
Hall Baltimore: Not too wonderful.

Flamingo: Look at that moon.
Hall Baltimore: It's beautiful.
Flamingo: I've been, um, worried. It's been three days since we've seen her.

Poe: Do you dare go further?
Hall Baltimore: What are you talking about? Tell me the ending.
Poe: If you don't stop now, every word that flows from your pen will be your own tale. You. You are the ending you seek.