Kitty Kane
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Kitty Kane (Character)
from Romance & Cigarettes (2005)

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Romance & Cigarettes (2005)
Kitty Kane: You two must think I'm the cucumber in the gardener's ass.

Cousin Bo: Some people fear the Lord. I fear women.
Kitty Kane: What really happened between you and Roe?
Cousin Bo: Roe... was my first love. I traced her name in cow shit. She was my first, my last, my everything.
Kitty Kane: Was it um... true? I mean that, you had...?
Cousin Bo: What?
Kitty Kane: Um... trouble?
Cousin Bo: Only with Roe. With other chicks, I'm Barry White. I go to the meat market.

Kitty Kane: [reading from a piece of paper] "If God's gift of grace, Or the light on your face, Could make me forget, Your vagina is wet."
Nick Murder: Let me see that.
Kitty Kane: "To Tula, my Tula, my red flower of love."
Nick Murder: What are you, a private dick?
Kitty Kane: How different could it be, huh? It's just a hole.
Nick Murder: You can't incriminate a man over some words.
Kitty Kane: What do you think you're gonna find there? Peanuts?

Cousin Bo: We got the address. No last name. Find the love shack. You got a weapon?
[Kitty holds up a pen knife]
Cousin Bo: Maybe we should stop. Get somethin' bigger.
Kitty Kane: I don't need somethin' bigger.