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Quotes for
G2-9T (Character)
from Star Tours (1987)

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Star Tours (1987)
G2-9T: These shutdown breaks are getting much too short. Now, what have we have here? Hmm, Hey, haven't I seen you before? Seems like I am always fixing this burnout.

G2-9T: Hey, you there, ah excuse me? Hello? I am talking to you! Yes, you! Are you very mechanical? Well, I was just wondering if you could tell me where this goes? See I wasn't really online when they were programming us for logic repair, usually I can figure it out but these old ACK 5 are kinda built backwards, you know what I mean? Hmm? No, you... don't... know... what... I... mean... Well, don't worry, this isn't your navigator. I fixed him hours ago, but thanks for trying to helping me out, and you have a nice day. I'll figure this out... eventually.

G2-9T: Try to keep the line moving, folks, I am not programmed for dispatch. You know, it's not polite to stare.

G2-9T: Now, was I suppose to weld that logic module positive to positive or negative to negative? No, no, I'm positive it was negative to positive, absolutely positive.

G2-9T: Hey, what are you all staring at? Oh, me! You got cameras, why don't you guys take a picture, it will last longer. Geesh, a lot of families here today. Glad your flying with us. You know, I like families. Sure, I see a lot of mine these days. Oh, look, there's Gus. Hi, Dad! Dad was the top Star Tours pilot. Kinda took a crash course in StarSpeeders... If you know what I mean. Now he is a really basket case. Yep, that's him all over. It's a shame too, really gone to pieces.

G2-9T: [singing] I've been working on the same droid, all my live long day...
G2-9T: He, he, he, stick'em up! I love the west. It reminds me of my last home on Tatooine. Hey, speaking of homes, how about taking me with you when you leave, will you wait for me? I get off work in a few years. Pleeeaassee?

G2-9T: Now you're getting me in trouble. That's what happens when you talk to humanoids. Always trouble.