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Jud Fry (Character)
from Oklahoma! (1955)

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Oklahoma! (1999) (TV)
Curly: Well, you got a gun, I see.
Jud Fry: Good 'un. Colt 45.
Curly: Oooeee, whatcha do with it?
Jud Fry: Shoot things.
Curly: Oh.

Curly: Hey, that's a good lookin' rope you got there. You know Will Parker? Yeah, well he can sure spin a rope! That's a strong hook you got there, Judd. You could hang yourself on that.
Jud Fry: I could what?
Curly: Uh... hang yourself. It'd be as easy as falling of a log. In fact, you could stand on a log, or a chair if you'd rather. Right about here, see? Just put this here 'round your neck, tie that good up there first, of course, and all you'd have to do would be to fall off the log, or the chair, whichever you'd rather fall off of, and in five minutes or less with good luck you'd be... you'd be dead as a doornail.
Jud Fry: What do you mean by that?
Curly: Uh, well, then folks would come to your funeral and sing sad songs.
Jud Fry: [in disbelief] Eh.
Curly: Oh, they would. Oh you never know how many people like you till you're dead!

Curly: The preacher'd get up and he'd say, "Folks! We are gathered here to moan and groan over our brother Jud Fry, who hung himself up by a rope in the smokehouse." Then there'd be weepin' and wailin' from some of those womern. Then he'd say, "Jud was the most misunderstood man in the territory. People useter think he was a mean, ugly feller! And they called him a dirty skunk and a ornery pig stealer!" But the folks that really knowed him, knowed that beneath them two dirty shirts he always wore,
Curly: there beat a heart as big as all outdoors.
Jud Fry: [sings] As big as all outdoors!
Curly: [sings] Jud Fry loved his feller man!
Jud Fry: [sings] He loved his feller man!
Curly: [Spoken] He loved the birds of the forest, and the beasts of the field! He loved the mice and the vermin of the barn, and he treated the rats like equals - which was right! And he loved little children! He loved everyone and everything in the whole world... only he never let on, so nobody ever knowed it.

Oklahoma! (1955)
Jud Fry: I ain't good enough for you, am I? I'm a hired hand. I got dirt on my hands. Pig slop. I ain't fit to touch you, am I - you're better. Oh, you're so much better, Miss Laurey Williams! Well we'll see how much better you are, and then you won't be so free and easy and hifalutin' with your airs! You such a FINE lady!