Percy Dolarhyde
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Percy Dolarhyde (Character)
from Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

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Cowboys & Aliens (2011)
Percy Dolarhyde: [to Jake] You're in trouble now. You're gonna burn. My pa is coming for me. He learned how to kill a man good and slow in the war. I am going to watch you suffer for a long, long, long time. You thought that cheap shot in the pecker hurt?
[Jake grabs hold of Percy through the cell bars and smacks his head hard against them]

Woodrow Dolarhyde: Run these ledgers back to the bank for me, will you? Tell them I need some new checks.
Percy Dolarhyde: Okay.
Woodrow Dolarhyde: I want the new ones to read "Dolarhyde and Son." That sound good to you?
Percy Dolarhyde: Yes. Yes, sir.