Emmett Taggart
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Emmett Taggart (Character)
from Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

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Cowboys & Aliens (2011)
Woodrow Dolarhyde: What are you all choked up about?
Emmett Taggart: I'm worried about my grandpa.
Woodrow Dolarhyde: Look. When I was just a little bit older than you are now, all this was Mexico. Word came that the Apaches was riding towards a settlement called Arivaca. My father wanted me to be a man, so made me ride out with the garrison, banging on a drum. Boy, was I scared. Well, we got there, it was too late. They were all dead and the whole place was burnt down. This settler fella came crawling out of a burning cabin. He was bad. He knew he was gonna die. Burnt bad. He rolled over, looked up into my eyes, and he said "Kill me."
Emmett Taggart: What did you do?
[takes the knife from Emmett's belt buckle]
Woodrow Dolarhyde: I took this knife off his belt and I slit his throat. Take it.
[Emmett takes the knife back]
Woodrow Dolarhyde: Be a man.