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Cynthia Harbridge (Character)
from Frailty (2001)

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Frailty (2001)
[Dad comes home and shows Young Fenton and Young Adam their first Demon out in the shed, Cynthia Harbridge]
Young Adam: Dad?
Dad: Come on out here, Adam.
[turns to Fenton]
Dad: Shine that light over here.
Young Adam: Hey dad, who is that?
Dad: That's a demon, son. Come on in here, boys, it's all right. Come on, don't be afraid.
[closes them in the shed as the boys stare, frightened and stunned]
Adam Meiks: [voice-over of Dad going to find the first demon] God had come to Dad earlier that day and told him that the time had come. After work he drove down to Jacksonville, about forty-five minutes or so southwest of Thurman. He said he had never been there before but he had no trouble finding it, God was leading him.
Dad: [Dad watches Ms. Harbridge walk outside her front door] Cynthia Harbridge?
Cynthia Harbridge: [turning around surprised] Yes?
[Dad then hits her in the head with the metal pipe]
Young Fenton: [Dad grabs for the ax] Dad don't! Please don't!
Dad: Fenton, if I could spare you of this I would. But we are God's servants, and his will must be served! Don't be afraid, son.
[Dad finally leans down to reveal Ms. Harbridge's sins]