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Connie Evans (Character)
from The Good Son (1993)

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The Good Son (1993)
[Mark heads towards Uncle Wallace's work study to tell him that Henry caused the freeway accident]
Henry: [Henry comes up behind Mark outside of his father's work study] Go ahead, tell him. Or better yet, why don't we tell him together?
[Henry quotes himself sounding like an innocent child]
Henry: It was Mark, Dad. He talked me into it. We were just playing a game. I had no idea he was gonna do something like that. Please, Dad, go easy on him. It's not his fault he's all screwed up 'cause he misses his Mom. What are we waiting for? Let's go.
[Henry opens the door with them two outside the room]
Henry: Dad, Mark has something to tell ya!
Wallace Evans: [Mark runs off to go upstairs] What is it? What's wrong with Mark?
Henry: I don't know. He's been acting pretty weird. I'd better go see if he's okay.
[the camera cuts to Henry entering the upstairs bedroom where Mark is]
Henry: I told my Dad I'd see if you're okay. Well, are you okay, Mark?
Mark: Leave me alone.
Henry: Leave you alone? This is my room.
Connie Evans: [Connie runs into Henry's room] Guess what? Mom says we can go skating tomorrow.
Henry: Connie, what did I tell you about coming into my room?
Connie Evans: But you guys weren't working or anything.
Henry: You didn't answer my question, so I'm gonna have to do it for you.
Connie Evans: [Henry pulls on Connie's ears making her cry] Ow!
Henry: You're not allowed to come into my room. Not now, not ever! Never!
Mark: [Mark grabs and slams Henry into the wall by his shoulders] You're wrong about that! This is my room too. And I say she can stay.
Connie Evans: [both boys start to grab and pull on each other's hair as Connie runs out, still up against the wall] Mom, Mom, they're fighting!
Henry: [continuing to pull each other's hair] You like my sister, don't you? Such a sweet little girl. Too bad if something were to happen to her, if she got hurt. You'd be sad, wouldn't you, Mark? But, hey, accidents will happen. Just ask my mom about Richard.
Susan: [Susan arrives upstairs when the boys let go of each other] Boys, boys! Henry! What's going on?
Henry: I'm sorry, Mom. We were playing this really dumb game. We weren't fighting. We were just playing. Weren't we, Mark?
Mark: [pauses before answering] Yeah, playing.
Susan: Well, all right, but just not so rough, okay? You two looked like you were trying to kill each other.
[Susan walks out of the room as Henry just stares back at Mark]

[Henry's parents leave as the kids begin a game of Hide-And-Seek]
Connie Evans: Mark! Mark! Guess what we're gonna play. Hide-And-Seek and I'm hiding first.
Mark: No, Connie, wait! I've got a better idea!
[Mark goes running after Connie upstairs]
Henry: [Henry from upstairs] I bet I find her first.
[as the parents drive away Henry turns off the breakers to the entire house]
Mark: [Mark looks all over the house for Connie in the dark] Connie, where are you? Connie? Connie!
Mark: [Mark screams when he finds Henry, who startles Mark by shining a flashlight into his face] Hey, no fair!
Henry: No fair? What do you think this is, a game?
[Henry clicks the flashlight off]

[Mark talks to Connie while building a puzzle together]
Mark: Okay, all right, you got a piece. Now... it's got blue on it.
Connie Evans: So it has to be the sky.
Mark: Right, and it's got a straight edge.
Connie Evans: So it has to go here.
[points for the puzzle piece to fit in]
Mark: Hey, you got it. All right!
Connie Evans: Mark.
Mark: Yeah?
Connie Evans: Do you like living in our house?
Mark: Sure.
Connie Evans: We're gonna look after you real good, so you won't be sad.
[the two smile at each other when Henry walks into the room]
Henry: Mark, 0900 hours. Let's move out!
Henry: [Connie stands up when Henry pushes her out of the way] Not you.
Connie Evans: Why not? He's my friend, too.
Mark: [Henry drags Mark by the arm as the two run outside] I'll play with you later!
Connie Evans: I don't care about your stupid secrets! I got my own secrets! And I'm not gonna tell you a single one!
[the two boys continue to run off]