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Cheyenne (Character)
from The Crush (1993)

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The Crush (1993)
Adrian Forrester: Aren't you going to tell me break a leg?
Cheyenne: [Bitterly, when she is out of earshot] Break'em both.

Nick Eliot: [From under a sink where he is working] Who goes there?
Cheyenne: [Startled] What?
Nick Eliot: [In a playful manner] Identify yourself. Fiend or foe?
Cheyenne: Depends.
Nick Eliot: [Emerging from under sink to look at Cheyenne] Got a name?
Cheyenne: Yeah, Cheyenne.
Nick Eliot: [Playfully] Oh... Injun, huh?
Cheyenne: Hippy parents.
Nick Eliot: Oh.

Adrian Forrester: Well?
Cheyenne: [about Nick] Well, he's okay. Kinda cool. *Old.*

Nick Eliot: Jesus! Cheyenne, what're you doing here?
Cheyenne: I had to talk to you.
Nick Eliot: Aw, you shouldn't be here. I've gotten in enough trouble.
Cheyenne: Y-You didn't do those things to Adrian. Y-Y-You didn't do those things.
Nick Eliot: Of course not.
Cheyenne: I knew she was making it up. I knew it.
Nick Eliot: What is it, Cheyenne?
Cheyenne: Did Adrian ever tell you about a guy named Rick?
Nick Eliot: Yeah, I think so. Said he was a friend, why?
Cheyenne: He was her camp counselor. Adrian had a crush on him.
Nick Eliot: So?
Cheyenne: He's dead. He ate something poison. Everyone thought it was an accident. But, Adrian knows stuff. Stuff that other kids don't know. She knows about wasps too.
Nick Eliot: I know. I thought about that. There's just no proof.
Cheyenne: But, I think there might be. Adrian kept a diary. She writes everything in it. She thinks no one knows about it, but I've seen it. She kept it hidden in her bedroom.
Nick Eliot: I'll tell the lawyers about the diary. But, you gotta forget all about Adrian. She's sick, you understand? Come on, you already showed me.
Cheyenne: But, she's a liar. She's lying about you.
Nick Eliot: I know. But, I can take care of myself. Come on, I'll walk you.
Cheyenne: I'll be alright. I've done it a million times. Later.
Nick Eliot: Later.

Adrian Forrester: Hey, Cheyenne. Why're you so slow?
Cheyenne: Everybody asks me that.
Cheyenne: [horseback riding teacher calls for Cheyenne] Shit!
Adrian Forrester: Oh, don't worry about it. You go get dressed, and I'll take care of Vertigo.
Cheyenne: Thanks.
Adrian Forrester: Sure.

Nick Eliot: Hey, Cheyenne.
Cheyenne: I ne-I need to talk to you. About Adrian.
Nick Eliot: What?
Cheyenne: Not now. Meet me in back of the orchard at seven, when the streetlights come on, okay?
Nick Eliot: Cheyenne, wait! Wait!

Adrian Forrester: He literally cried on my shoulder. Poor baby. Broke my heart.
Cheyenne: So, how is she?
Adrian Forrester: Uh - Well, they think she'll live but - Anyway, I think its brought Nick and I a lot closer. Well, you'll sit with him, won't you?
Cheyenne: If I see'em. If he comes.
Adrian Forrester: He'll be here. Aren't ya gonna tell me to break a leg?
Cheyenne: [when Adrian is out of earshot] Break'em both.