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Quotes for
Karen (Character)
from Mother and Child (2009)

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Mother and Child (2009)
[last lines]
Karen: [voice over] I never saw you. With a new haircut, with new shoes... When was your first period? Was someone there to help? Did anyone explain? Did you hear the rain one night when I heard it? What gave you comfort? I've missed it all, and I've accepted it. But today I met Ella. Her little face is like a bird that flies high over thirty-eight years that have gone on and on and on, like a horrible parade. But now it's passed. Only Ella remains, God bless her. Ella is peace.

[first lines]
Karen: Her birthday's coming up. She'll be 37.

Nora: I don't want to die here.
Karen: You're not going to die. You'll be fine.
Nora: You expect me to live forever?
Karen: Don't start that again.
Nora: Even if I could, I wouldn't want to. It's just one disappointment after another.