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Maggie Greene (Character)
from "The Walking Dead" (2010)

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"The Walking Dead: Knots Untie (#6.11)" (2016)
[Jesus talks to Rick and his community]
Paul 'Jesus' Rovia: Look, we got off to a bad start. But we're on the same side - The living side. You and Rick had every reason to leave me out there, but you didn't. I'm from a place that's a lot like this one. Part of my job is searching out for other settlements to trade with. I took your truck because my community needs things, and both of you looked like trouble. I was wrong. You're good people. And this is a good place. I think our communities may be in position to help each other.
Glenn Rhee: Do you have food?
Paul 'Jesus' Rovia: We've started to raise livestock. We scavenge, we grow. Everything from tomatoes to sorghum.
Rick Grimes: Tell us why we should believe you?
Paul 'Jesus' Rovia: I'll show you. If we take the car, I can take you back home in a day, and you can all see for yourselves who we are and what we have to offer.
Maggie Greene: Wait, you're looking for 'more' settlements. You mean you're already trading with other groups?
Paul 'Jesus' Rovia: [Jesus sits back smiling] Your world's about to get a whole lot bigger.

[Maggie enters Gregory's office to talk with him]
Gregory: Natalie, right?
Maggie Greene: Maggie.
Gregory: That's pretty close.
Maggie Greene: Not really.
Gregory: [Gregory chuckles] She calls them like she sees them. I like that.

[Gregory challenges Maggie with trade talk]
Maggie Greene: We came here to talk trade. Do you have enough here for that?
Gregory: You see what I have here. You see what I've built. Jesus said that your food situation was challenged right now. You don't keep people fed, it comes apart. Let's speak the common tongue here, huh? You don't have shit. Now, I'm happy to help, I'm a nice guy. But we can't just give things away for free. How's this? Since you can't offer much, I'll let your people work here for their share. You'd be a welcome addition to the community, a smart and beautiful woman. Getting back to that common tongue, I can tell ya, I can make it worth your while.

[Gregory rejects Maggie's trade proposition]
Maggie Greene: You don't have any ammunition.
Gregory: Who said that?
Maggie Greene: You're low on medication. You need things. We need things.
Gregory: What, are you gonna give us a bottle of aspirin and a box of bullets?
Maggie Greene: Our communities can help each other.
Gregory: [Gregory stands up from his chair] Thank you, Natalie. Been a good talk.
Maggie Greene: We can help each other.
Gregory: [Gregory stares down Maggie] We're doing fine. Are you?

[Jesus tells Rick and the group about Negan and the Saviors]
Paul 'Jesus' Rovia: Negan's the head of a group of people he calls the Saviors. As soon as the walls were built, the Saviors showed up. They met with Gregory on behalf of their boss. He made a lot of demands, even more threats. And he killed one of us - Rory. He was 16 years old. They beat him to death right in front of us. Said we needed to understand, right off the bat. Gregory's not exactly good at confrontation. He's not the leader I would have chosen, but he helped make this place what it is, and the people like him.
Maggie Greene: He made the deal.
Paul 'Jesus' Rovia: Half of everything. Our supplies, our crops, our livestock, it goes to the Saviors.

[Maggie tells Gregory that they'll handle Negan and the Saviors]
Gregory: What makes you think you can do what we haven't done?
Maggie Greene: We've handled people like Negan.
Gregory: How?
Maggie Greene: They're dead.

[Maggie finally makes a deal with Gregory that involves killing Negan and the Saviors]
Maggie Greene: Half.
Gregory: Excuse me?
Maggie Greene: Half of what you have. I saw what happened out there. Negan's expecting more supplies from this place. And more and more. And if it keeps going like that, pretty soon you won't have anything left. What happens then? Without ammo, without fighters... you'd be a dead man. So half of everything you have right now or the deal's off. You see? I have leverage.
Gregory: [Gregory quietly begins clapping] Congratulations. You have yourself a deal.

"The Walking Dead: The Same Boat (#6.13)" (2016)
[first lines]
Maggie Greene: They need our help.
Carol Peletier: [Carol kills a walker] You are staying here.

[Maggie defends her choice to getting pregnant]
Maggie Greene: Women used to just die in childbirth. And they always thought the world was gonna end. Living through it, why would you just give up?
Paula: But are you going to live through it? Anyway, that's cute. Babies are the point. Children are our future. Making bite-sized snacks for the dead. The point is to stay standing.
Maggie Greene: No. Walkers do that. I'm choosing something.

[Paula calls Maggie stupid for getting pregnant]
Paula: You're some kind of stupid, getting knocked up at a time like this.
Paula: [Maggie smiles] You think that's funny?
Maggie Greene: When was it ever smart to get knocked up?

[Maggie talks to Michelle about not being the one who's gonna die today]
Maggie Greene: I'm not planning to die today.
Michelle: Yeah, me neither. Thing is, one of us is wrong.

[Glenn holds Maggie after saving her]
Maggie Greene: They're dead. They're all dead, the ones who took us. They're all dead.
Glenn Rhee: Hey, are you okay?
Maggie Greene: [Maggie nervously replies] I can't... I can't anymore.
[Glenn holds his arm around Maggie]

"The Walking Dead: Self Help (#5.5)" (2014)
[Glenn and Maggie talk to Eugene about after they arrive in Washington D.C]
Maggie Greene: How long will it be? After you get on that terminal and do what you have to do?
Dr. Eugene Porter: Depends on a number of factors including density of the infected around target sites worldwide.
Glenn Rhee: Wait, target sites? Are you talking about missiles?
Dr. Eugene Porter: That's classified.
Glenn Rhee: I thought we were over that.
Dr. Eugene Porter: What if we all live?
Glenn Rhee: The secrets will matter then?
Dr. Eugene Porter: They might. Anyway, the speed with which things normalize depend on a number of factors including worldwide weather patterns, which were modeled without the assumption that cars, planes, boats, and trains wouldn't be pouring hydrocarbons into the atmosphere this long. Changed the game quite a bit when it comes to air-transmissible pathogens.

[Abraham and the group talk about how to get around the hundreds of walkers]
Glenn Rhee: We need the map. There's gotta be a detour.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: I'm not doing it. We detoured and detoured and detoured from Houston to Georgia. I'm not playing that game anymore.
Glenn Rhee: We are not going through this, okay? It isn't gonna happen.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: You got a shit storm behind door A and a storm of shit behind door B. If you're lucky, it's walkers or a shot-up truck. But sooner or later you get cornered. You wind up stayin' and you wind up killin'. We don't go back. We can't go back.
Glenn Rhee: I'm not talking about going back. Just south a few miles.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: No.
Dr. Eugene Porter: We already hit a full stop 'cause of an air filter filled compromised by innards. That will happen again.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: Then we'll hit 'em with the hose.
Rosita Espinosa: The tank is empty, Abraham.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: If we floor it...
Glenn Rhee: We still hit them, they still slow us down, and then they stop us.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: I'm not saying we just go straight.
Maggie Greene: That's the way the road goes.
Rosita Espinosa: Abraham!
Sgt. Abraham Ford: We can get through! I know it! And that means we are not going south, going around, or going back!
Rosita Espinosa: [Rosita interrupts Abraham to listen] No. They're right.

[Sgt. Abraham begins to lose his patience when Glenn and the group help calm him down]
Dr. Eugene Porter: Is that your blood?
Sgt. Abraham Ford: Yeah. Damn thing opened again. I swear, the cut's are finer than frog's hair. They're just big bleeders.
Maggie Greene: First aid kit's in the bus, I'll see what we have.
[the mini-bus suddenly goes up in flames]
Sgt. Abraham Ford: We're not stopping. We're rolling on. We'll find another vehicle down the road. The mission hasn't changed.
Dr. Eugene Porter: Devil's advocate, nothing more - We smashed to a stop hard. We spent a lot of time rolling things out of the road. The church is just 15 miles back that way...
Sgt. Abraham Ford: [Sgt. Abraham begins shouting at Eugene] No. We don't stop. We don't go back. We're at war and retreat means we lose. The road fights back, the plan gets jacked. You all know that. Now, we will get through this because we have to. Every direction is a question. We don't go back!
Glenn Rhee: [Glenn pauses Abraham] Hey, hey, hey. You okay?
Sgt. Abraham Ford: I am fit as a damn fiddle.
Glenn Rhee: We are going with you. You are calling this thing. I just need to know you're good.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: This is how things stop. I can't afford that right now. The world can't afford it. Listen, I took a pretty hard shot to the sack with that crash. I am stressed and depressed to see that ride die, but if you say we're rolling on? I'm good.
Glenn Rhee: We're rolling on.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: I'm gonna rub some dirt on it and walk it off.
Glenn Rhee: Yeah.
Rosita Espinosa: Find what we need like we always have - On the way.
Maggie Greene: [Maggie smiles to see the argue has come to a close] Okay. I'm not rubbing dirt on anything.

[Glenn asks Eugene a question after he gives him a scientific answer]
Glenn Rhee: Why the hair?
Dr. Eugene Porter: Because I like it. And no one is takin' a scissor or clipper to it anytime soon. Do you hear me, Ms. Espinosa?
Rosita Espinosa: [Rosita laughs] Yes, loud and clear.
Dr. Eugene Porter: Y'all can laugh all you want.
Maggie Greene: No one was makin' fun.
Dr. Eugene Porter: The smartest man I ever met happened to love my hair. My old boss, T. Brooks Ellis, the director of the Human Genome Project. He said my hair made me look like, and I quote, a fun guy, which I am. I just ain't Samson.
[suddenly there's a blow to the mini-bus]

[Abraham and the group look out to the distance, seeing hundreds of walkers blocking their path]
Sgt. Abraham Ford: [Abraham whispers to himself] I will not lie down.
Rosita Espinosa: Abraham.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: [whispering] I will not abase.
Rosita Espinosa: Abraham, let's get out of here.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: [whispering] I will not give up the ship.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: [Abraham shouts to the group] Hold up!
Maggie Greene: We gotta go.
Sgt. Abraham Ford: No. No we don't. They can't hear us and they can't see us. Not from there. We're fine.
Tara Chambler: [Tara sarcastically replies] Yeah, this is the definition of fine.

"The Walking Dead: Beside the Dying Fire (#2.13)" (2012)
Carl Grimes: I'm freezing.
Lori Grimes: We'll build a fire, yeah?
Daryl Dixon: You go out looking for firewood, stay close. Only got so many arrows. How you doing on ammo?
Rick Grimes: Not enough.
Maggie Greene: We just can't stand around here with our asses hanging out.
Hershel Greene: Watch your mouth. Everyone stop panicking and listen to Rick.

Maggie Greene: I'm not sitting here, waiting for another herd to blow through. We need to move, now.
Rick Grimes: No one is going anywhere.
Carol Peletier: Do something.
Rick Grimes: I am doing something! I'm keeping this group together, alive. I've been doing that all along, no matter what. I didn't ask for this. I killed my best friend for you people, for Christ's sake!

Rick Grimes, Hershel Greene: Don't panic.
Maggie Greene: I'm not. I'm not sitting here, waiting for another herd to blow through. We need to move, now.
Rick Grimes: No one is going anywhere.
Carol Peletier: Do something.
Rick Grimes: I am doing something! I'm keeping this group together. Alive! I've been doing that all along, no matter what; I didn't ask for this! I killed my best friend for you people, for Christ sake! You saw how he was like. How he pushed me, how he compromised us, how he threatened us. He staged the whole Randall thing, let me out to put a bullet in my back. He gave me no choice! He was my friend, but he came after me. My hands are clean. Maybe you people are better off without me. Go ahead. I say there's a place for us, but maybe- maybe it's just another pipe dream. Maybe- Maybe I'm fooling myself again. Why don't- why don't you go out and find yourself. Send me a postcard! Go on, there's the door. You can do better. Lets see how far you get. No takers? Fine. But get one thing straight... you're staying. This isn't a democracy anymore.

[Maggie is crying, thinking that she's lost everyone]
Glenn Rhee: Hey, Maggie, look at me. Look at me. Hey, we're alive. We made it. Okay? I'm sure they are, too. Right?
[Maggie nods]
Glenn Rhee: I love you. Maggie, I love you. I should've said it a long time ago and it's been true for a long time.
[Maggie Stops crying]
Glenn Rhee: We're gonna be all right, okay? We'll be all right.
Maggie Greene: Okay. Yeah.

"The Walking Dead: Now (#6.5)" (2015)
[first lines]
[Deanna walks along on top of the fence wall as she listens down at Michonne talking to Maggie]
Michonne: The town was overrun. He split off with Nicholas. He had this idea that... if he lit a fire, it would stop the walkers from coming here. I tried to go instead. I wanted to. The fire never got lit. We had to keep going. I'm sorry. He said if he got stuck, he would find a way to send a signal.
Maggie Greene: A signal?
Rick Grimes: [Deanna hears a scream in the distance come from outside the gate] Open the gate!
Rick Grimes: [Deanna see's a herd of walkers following Rick right to the community] Open the gate!

[Aaron see's Maggie gearing up with guns and ammo to go out looking for Glenn]
Aaron: The flashlights, the rebar, the rope. You lower them off the wall a good distance apart, maybe spin them. That way, the walkers are drawn to each one and you open up a path. Now you're gearing up. Just waiting for dark, right? What happens when you twist an ankle jumping down? Hmm? Or you just get slowed down by one of them and have to deal with all of them? I can't let you do this.
Maggie Greene: You can't stop me.
Aaron: I'm going to help you. And I know a safer way out.

[Maggie and Aaron talk about Glenn while crossing under the community wall through an underground sewer tunnel]
Maggie Greene: If he's alive...
Aaron: If?
Maggie Greene: He told Michonne he would've found some way to signal us if he got out. If he's alive or he's hurt or trapped maybe taken. If he's alive, he needs my help. That's why I'm doing this. And if he's dead, I don't want to be waiting on him. None of this is your fault you don't need to do this.
Aaron: People are dead. I was a part of that. And I have to live with that.

[Maggie confides in telling Aaron her emotions over Glenn]
Maggie Greene: [Maggie tears up] I burned his last picture of him because I said I wasn't gonna need it anymore. Because I was never gonna be away from him again.
Maggie Greene: [Maggie cries] I'm pregnant. He didn't want me to go out there and I said yes, and if I would've gone... if I was with him, maybe I could've helped him. I don't know if he's alive. He would've shown me by now. That's what Michonne said. I just want to see his face. I can't. I don't get to know what will happen. I won't get to know what will happen, what I did right or wrong. Not now. I have to live with that, you do, too.
[Aaron hugs Maggie]

"The Walking Dead: Them (#5.10)" (2015)
[Maggie kills a walker in an abandoned barn, when Maggie sees that next to the walker was a gun but the person didn't shoot herself with it]
Maggie Greene: She had a gun. She could've shot herself.
Carol Peletier: Some people can't give up. Like us.

[last lines]
Sasha Williams: [the two girls sit outside the barn by themselves] Why are we here?
Maggie Greene: For this.
Sasha Williams: I see it. Noah, that kid... he said he didn't know if he can make it. That's how I feel.
Maggie Greene: You're gonna make it. Both of us, we will. That's the hard part.
Maggie Greene: [the two pause as Maggie winds up the music box] Daryl fixed it.
Sasha Williams: [the two laugh when the music box doesn't play] You got to be kidding me.
Aaron: [Aaron calmly comes out of the woods and approaches the two girls with his hands up] Hey. Hi. I didn't mean to interrupt. Good morning. My name is Aaron. I know, stranger danger. But um, I'm a friend. I'd like to talk to the person in charge. Rick, right?
Maggie Greene: How do you know...
Sasha Williams: Why?
Aaron: I have good news.
[the two girls freeze but turn their heads with their guns aimed at Aaron, when the music box begins to play]

[first lines]
Maggie Greene: [Rick and his group fend for their own survival looking for food in the woods] Oh, shit. It's been a day and a half. They didn't find anything either.
Sasha Williams: How do you know?
Maggie Greene: I know.
Maggie Greene: [Maggie pauses] How much longer do we got?
Sasha Williams: 60 miles.
Maggie Greene: I wasn't talking about that.

[Carl gives Maggie a gift while the group walks down the street]
Carl Grimes: Found this when we were looking for water.
Maggie Greene: What is it?
Carl Grimes: I think it used to play music. It's broken.
Maggie Greene: [Maggie opens it and see's that it's a music box] Thanks, Carl.
Carl Grimes: I thought you might like it.
[Gabriel begins to talk to Maggie about religion when his shirt starts to bother him]
Father Gabriel Stokes: I used to joke these things were leftover from the days of hair shirts. The church actually made... shirts out of hair. So if you wore it, you could atone just a little for your sins.
Maggie Greene: I know what a hair shirt is. My daddy was religious. I used to be.
Father Gabriel Stokes: If you ever want to talk about your father or about Beth...
Maggie Greene: Please, stop.
Father Gabriel Stokes: Whenever you're ready, I'm here.
Maggie Greene: You never even met them.
Father Gabriel Stokes: I know you're in pain.
Maggie Greene: You don't know shit. You had a job. You were there to save your flock, right? But you didn't. You hid. Don't act like that didn't happen.
[Maggie walks further ahead]

"The Walking Dead: Strangers (#5.2)" (2014)
[Glenn comes stumbling out from searching an abandoned restaurant by himself]
Tara Chambler: Was it a walker?
Glenn Rhee: Uh, yeah. It was a walker.
Maggie Greene: Really?
[Tara and Maggie look at Glenn apprehensively]
Glenn Rhee: It was a stack of boxes and a mop and I tripped.
[the two girls begin laughing with Glenn]
Glenn Rhee: Still... we have what we came for.
Tara Chambler: You actually found something?
Glenn Rhee: Three silencers stashed in a mini-fridge. Rule number one of scavenging - There's nothing left in this world that isn't hidden.
[Tara looks down in a quiet silence]

[Tara walks up to Maggie in the church and takes a seat beside her]
Tara Chambler: [Tara talks to Maggie over the remorse she feels, for Maggie and her losing loved ones] I was at the prison. With the Governor. I didn't know who he was or what he could do. And I didn't know who all of you were. I - I just didn't want it to be hidden. That I was there.
Maggie Greene: [Maggie quietly whispers back to Tara] You're here with us now.
[when Tara quietly hugs Maggie by the shoulder]

"The Walking Dead: Seed (#3.1)" (2012)
Maggie Greene: See that?

Hershel Greene: Bethy, sing "Paddy Reilly" for me. I haven't heard that, I think, since your mother was alive.
Maggie Greene: Daddy, not that one, please?
Hershel Greene: How about "The... Partin' Glass"?
Beth Greene: No one wants to hear.
Glenn Rhee: Why not?
Beth Greene: Okay.
Glenn Rhee: [singing softly] Of all the money / E'er I had / I spent it in good company / And all the harm / E'er I've ever done / Alas it was to none but me / And all I've done / For want of wit / To mem'ry now I can't recall / So fill to me / The parting glass / Good night and joy be with you all
Maggie Greene, Beth Greene: [singing together] Oh, all the comrades / That e'er I had / Were sorry for my goin' away / And all the sweethearts / That e'er I had / Would wish me one...
[Rick offers a bowl to Lori that Carl had passed to him for her]
Lori Grimes: I had some.
Maggie Greene, Beth Greene: ...more day to stay / But since it falls...
[Rick still holds out the bowl, so Lori takes a piece of owl meat from it and adds it to hers]
Maggie Greene, Beth Greene: Unto my lot / That I should rise and you should not / I'll gently rise / And I'll softly call / Good night and joy be with you all / Good night and joy be with you all
Hershel Greene: Beautiful.

"The Walking Dead: Heads Up (#6.7)" (2015)
[Rick talks to Maggie on the fence wall while Maggie waits for Glenn's signal]
Rick Grimes: When we go out there, it's never easy, it's never simple. It's always a fight. But we've come back from harder things. From further away. Glenn, Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha, they will, too. Maybe we don't wait for them to be back. We should start figuring out how to draw the walkers away. We have some food and water to last us a while and the walls are holding. We can take our time. Really think this through. Do it right. Clear it so they can - They can walk right in.
Maggie Greene: I saw Judith in the house the other day. She's starting to - She's starting to look like Lori.
Rick Grimes: [Rick nods his head] Yeah.
Maggie Greene: It made me happy.
Rick Grimes: [Rick smiles] Me, too.

[last lines]
[people in the community see the bundle of green balloons float up in the air, as Maggie on the wall see's the same balloons float up]
Maggie Greene: [Rick then see's the balloons in the air, as Maggie runs down to tell Rick on the street] That's Glenn. That's Glenn.
[when everyone in the community looks over to see the tower begin to buckle, falling towards the wall in silence]

"The Walking Dead: The Distance (#5.11)" (2015)
[Rick's group head out in a group of five looking for Aaron's friend]
Michonne: So if we see someone we just shoot them?
Maggie Greene: That's a good question.
Michonne: What if they're someone like us? What if Aaron is telling the truth? What if they're someone who has nothing to do with this?
Glenn Rhee: We're five people walking with guns. No one's coming up to say hello.
Michonne: But that's exactly what happened.
Glenn Rhee: If it's someone like us, we should be afraid of them.

[first lines]
Maggie Greene: Hey. Everyone, this is Aaron. We met him outside. He's by himself. We took his weapon and we took his gear.
Aaron: [Aaron attempts to shake Rick's hand] Hi. It's nice to meet you.
Rick Grimes: You said he had a weapon?
Rick Grimes: [Maggie hands Rick Aaron's pistol] There something you need?
Sasha Williams: He has a camp nearby. He wants us to audition for membership.
Aaron: I wish there was another word. Audition makes it sound like we're some kind of dance troupe. That's only on Friday nights.
Aaron: [nobody from Rick's group laughs at Aaron's joke] Um, and it's not a camp. It's a community. I think you all would make valuable additions. But it's not my call. My job is to convince you all to follow me back home. I know. If I were you, I wouldn't go either. Not until I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. Sasha, can you hand Rick my bag?
Aaron: [Sasha hands Aaron's bag over to Rick] Front pocket, there's an envelope. There's no way I can convince you to come with me just by talking about our community. That's why I brought those. I apologize in advance for the picture quality. We just found an old camera.
Daryl Dixon: No one gives a shit.
Aaron: You're absolutely 100% right.
Aaron: [Rick begins looking through the photos] That's the first picture I wanted to show you because nothing I say about our community will matter unless you know you'll be safe. If you join us, you will be. Each panel in that wall is a 15-foot-high, 12-foot-wide slab of solid steel framed by cold-rolled steel beams with square tubing. Nothing alive or dead gets through that wall without our say-so. Like I said, security is obviously important. In fact, there's only one resource more critical to our community's survival. The people.
[Michonne gives Rick a look]
Aaron: Together, we're strong. You can make us even stronger. The next picture, you'll see inside the gates. Our community was first constru...
[Rick suddenly punches Aaron, knocking him out]
Michonne: [the camera cuts and returns with Michonne telling Rick] So we're clear, that look was not a - Let's attack that man look. It was a - He seems like an okay guy to me look.

"The Walking Dead: Killer Within (#3.4)" (2012)
Rick Grimes: Are you serious? You want them living in a cell next to you? They'll just be waiting for a chance to grab our weapons. You want to go back to sleeping with one eye open?
T-Dog: I never stopped. Bring them into the fold. If we send them off packing, we might as well execute them ourselves.
Glenn Rhee: I don't know. Axel seems a little unstable.
Carol Peletier: After all we've been through? We've fought so hard for all this, what if they decide to take it?
Maggie Greene: It's just been us for so long. They're strangers, I don't - it feels weird all of a sudden to have these other people around.
T-Dog: You brought us in.
Maggie Greene: Yeah, but you turned out with a shot boy in your arms. Didn't give us a choice.
Glenn Rhee: They can't even kill walkers.
Carol Peletier: They're convicts, bottom line.
T-Dog: Those two might even less blood on their hands then we do.
Daryl Dixon: I get guys like this. Hell, I grew up with them. They're degenerates, but they ain't psychos. I could have been in there with them just as easy I'm out here with you guys.
T-Dog: So are you with me?
Daryl Dixon: Hell no!

[after discussing the day's work they've got ahead of them]
Carol Peletier: Where's Glenn and Maggie? We could use some help.
Daryl Dixon: Up in the guard tower.
Rick Grimes: Guard tower? They were just up there last night.
Daryl Dixon: [calling out] Glenn! Maggie!
[Glenn walking out shirtless, zipping up his pants]
Glenn Rhee: Hey, what's up, guys?
[All laugh quietly]
Daryl Dixon: You coming?
Glenn Rhee: What?
[Everyone stifles laughter]
Daryl Dixon: [trying to keep a strait face] You comin'?
[Glenn looks at a disheveled Maggie]
Daryl Dixon: Come on, we could use a hand.
[Quickly realizing what Daryl meant]
Glenn Rhee: Yeah, we'll be right down.
Maggie Greene: So gross.
[Others walk away chuckling]

"The Walking Dead: Forget (#5.13)" (2015)
[Deanna talks to Rick, Michonne, and Maggie about the civilization she see's growing within the community, starting with the constables]
Deanna Monroe: You protect and serve. You patrol, walk the wall, watch out for the kids. If there's a conflict, you solve it. And people will listen to you.
Michonne: Because we're wearing windbreakers?
Deanna Monroe: Because they believe in this. Because I'm telling them to. A police officer used to live here. So we had these jackets and I wanted to make it official. So it's official. There's going to be a government here one day. That's why I want Maggie working with me. There's going to be a police force. That's why I want you two to start it. I see a vibrant community here with industry, commerce, civilization. Real lives. It might be horses and mills, but - What?
Deanna Monroe: [Deanna see's Rick look off to the distance] Does that sound like pie in the sky?
Maggie Greene: [Deanna looks to Maggie in the eyes] No.
Michonne: [Deanna looks to Michonne in the eyes] No.
Rick Grimes: [Deanna looks to Rick in the eyes] No.

[Noah, Glenn, and Maggie stand in there own corner at Deanna's party]
Maggie Greene: Hey.
Noah: Hi.
Glenn Rhee: Hey, are you okay?
Noah: Yeah. Yeah. Just isn't really my thing. I think I'm gonna bail out.
Glenn Rhee: No, no. You're not bailing. We're in this together, man.
Maggie Greene: You're here with us now. You're here with family.
Glenn Rhee: [Glenn whispers with his arm around Noah] Come on.

"The Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already (#2.7)" (2011)
Maggie Greene: Give me your hat.
[Glenn gives Maggie his hat and she puts an egg in it and smashes it on his head]
Glenn: Why would you waste an egg like that?
Maggie Greene: I figure it was rotten.

Glenn: I had to tell them!
Maggie: You did not!
Glenn: No, I did. Okay? I wanted to. You see, I forgot. Okay? I forgot or I stopped thinking about it or maybe I didn't want to think about it. I let them lower me into that well like it was fun, like I was playing "Portal." - It's a video game...
Maggie: Of course it's a video game.
Glenn: And then the pharmacy happened yesterday and I realized something. I forgot that they're dangerous. I don't care if they're sick people or dead people, they're dangerous. And then I realized something else. That I don't want you in danger ever. So I hate to blow your dad's big secret, but I'm sick of secrets. Secrets get you killed. And I'd rather have you pissed off at me and alive than liking me and dead. So that's why I told them.
[Glenn starts to walk away]
Maggie: Hey, walker-bait!
Glenn: Don't call me that.
Maggie: Okay, Glenn.
[They kiss]

"The Walking Dead: JSS (#6.2)" (2015)
[the tied up shaved head wolf wakes up to see Morgan and Father Gabriel sitting over him]
Shaved Head Wolf: We're freeing you. You're trapped. You need to know, people don't belong here anymore.
[Carol shoots the wolf in the head and hands both Morgan and Father Gabriel pistols]
Maggie Greene: [Carol runs up to arm Maggie with a weapon] Carol?
Carol Peletier: Maggie.
Morgan Jones: [Morgan hands his gun over to Gabriel] Here.
Father Gabriel Stokes: I'm not very good with guns.
Morgan Jones: Me neither.
[Morgan walks off]

"The Walking Dead: The Next World (#6.10)" (2016)
[Maggie tries to talk to Enid who went back to being alone]
Maggie Greene: I never see you. Everybody's been working for weeks to get this place back together and you just disappear. Do you sit in your room all day?
Enid: No.
Maggie Greene: Then where'd you go?
Enid: Nowhere.
Maggie Greene: You helped Glenn get home. You helped me when I was up in that guard post.
Enid: Yeah.
Maggie Greene: So maybe there are better places for you to go than just nowhere. I'm around. Come talk to me.

"The Walking Dead: East (#6.15)" (2016)
[Maggie smiles in the mirror as she comments about the new haircut Enid gives her]
Maggie Greene: I have to keep going. And I don't want anything getting in my way.

"The Walking Dead: 30 Days Without an Accident (#4.1)" (2013)
Maggie Greene: I'm not pregnant.
Glenn Rhee: You know?
Maggie Greene: I know.
Glenn Rhee: [sighs in relief] Oh, thank God.
Maggie Greene: Yeah.
Glenn Rhee: Oh, my God.
Maggie Greene: I didn't want to, but we could have. We can have lives here.
Glenn Rhee: How can you say that after today? After Lori?
Maggie Greene: Because I don't want to be afraid of being alive.
Glenn Rhee: Being afraid is what's kept us alive.
Maggie Greene: No. It's how we kept breathing.

"The Walking Dead: Chupacabra (#2.5)" (2011)
Glenn: You know, we still have eleven condoms.
Maggie Greene: Yeah, you see eleven condoms; I see eleven minutes of my life I'm never getting back.

"The Walking Dead: Last Day on Earth (#6.16)" (2016)
[Rick holds Maggie's hand and forehead in the back of the RV]
Rick Grimes: You're gonne be okay. The baby's gonna be okay. This isn't it, this isn't it. There's more. There's gonna be more.
Maggie Greene: I believe in you, Rick.

"The Walking Dead: Us (#4.15)" (2014)
Glenn Rhee: [Maggie is about to burn one Polaroid of herself] Oh, eh. What are you doing? This is the only picture I have of you.
Maggie Greene: You don't need a picture of me. You never will again.

"The Walking Dead: Alone (#4.13)" (2014)
Maggie Greene: You know, when I was lying there and I remembered- I heard what you said back at the camp. I heard you say you thought we should be in a town.
Sasha Williams: What else did you hear me say?
Maggie Greene: That odds are Glenn is dead. And we should stop. But you're wrong.
Sasha Williams: So why are you here?
Maggie Greene: 'Cause I was waiting for you. I'm not giving up. But I need your help. 'Cause I can't do it by myself. And even if I catch up to Bob, we can't do it alone. I thought I couldn't ask you to risk your life. But I can. 'Cause I know what you'd be risking it for. And it isn't just Glenn. I get that you're afraid.
Sasha Williams: I am. I am afraid.
Maggie Greene: We could get there.
Sasha Williams: I know. So let's go get Bob and let's get there.

"The Walking Dead: Four Walls and a Roof (#5.3)" (2014)
[Gabriel see's the dead bodies of Gareth's group in his Church]
Father Gabriel Stokes: This is the Lord's house.
Maggie Greene: No. It's just four walls and a roof.

"The Walking Dead: Spend (#5.14)" (2015)
[Maggie talks to Deanna about Rick's group]
Maggie Greene: He's right, you know? Abraham's more than qualified.
Deanna Monroe: I put another one of your people in a position of power, you vouch for them. It's becoming a pattern.
Maggie Greene: We know what we're doing. It's why you wanted us here. It's why Aaron and Daryl are out there looking for more people. You wanted a future. You need us for that.
Deanna Monroe: That's right.

"The Walking Dead: Triggerfinger (#2.9)" (2012)
Maggie Greene: What's going on with you?
Glenn Rhee: Your dad saved my life today. And Rick saved us both. And I - I froze.
Maggie Greene: Well, you were being shot at.
Glenn Rhee: No, that...
Maggie Greene: You don't have anything to prove.
Glenn Rhee: All I've done - and then this. Okay? It's because of what you said.
Maggie Greene: That I love you?
Glenn Rhee: Yeah. A bullet hit the wall behind me and I - I thought of you - losing me, hurting. And I couldn't take it, so I hid to stay alive.
Maggie Greene: [Reaching out to embrace him] Glenn.
Glenn Rhee: [Backs away from her] No, no, no. No, you don't get it. Rick, your dad - they were counting on me and I - I only thought of myself.
[Glenn walks away, Maggie cries silently]

"The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose (#2.4)" (2011)
Maggie Greene: I'll have sex with you.
Glenn: Really? Why?
Maggie Greene: You're asking questions?
Glenn: I can't, I can't help wondering.
Maggie Greene: It's not like our options are vast these days.
[kisses him]
Maggie Greene: And you're not the only one that's lonely.

"The Walking Dead: Made to Suffer (#3.8)" (2012)
Glenn Rhee: Daryl, this was Merle. It was. He did this.
Rick Grimes: You saw him?
Glenn Rhee: Face to face. Threw a walker at me. He was gonna execute us.
Daryl Dixon: S-So my brother's this governor?
Maggie Greene: No, it's somebody else. Your brother is his lieutenant or something.
Daryl Dixon: Does he know I'm still with you?
Glenn Rhee: He does now. Rick, I'm sorry. We told him where the prison was. We couldn't hold out.
Rick Grimes: Don't. No need to apologize.

"The Walking Dead: Say the Word (#3.5)" (2012)
Hershel Greene: The good news is, she looks healthy. But she needs formula, and soon or she won't survive.
Daryl Dixon: No. No way. Not her. We ain't losing nobody else. I'm going for a run.
Maggie Greene: I'll back you up.
Daryl Dixon: Okay, think where we're going. Beth.
[takes her aside and indicating Carl]
Daryl Dixon: Kid just lost his mom. His dad ain't doing so hot.
Beth Greene: I'll look out for him.
Daryl Dixon: You two get to the fence. Too many to pile up,we got ourselves a problem. Glen, Maggie, Vamonos

"The Walking Dead: Not Tomorrow Yet (#6.12)" (2016)
[Maggie tries to tell Glenn that she needs to be part of the fight against the Saviors]
Maggie Greene: We need someone on the perimeter keeping watch. That could be me. That would be safe. Safer.
Glenn Rhee: Whatever safer looks like now.

"The Walking Dead: Too Far Gone (#4.8)" (2013)
Glenn Rhee: I could use a vacation. Get away. Just for a weekend.
Maggie Greene: Yeah.
Glenn Rhee: You know, our anniversary is coming up.
Maggie Greene: It is?
Glenn Rhee: One of these days.
Maggie Greene: You've ever been to Amicalola Falls? Tallest waterfalls in Georgia.
Glenn Rhee: Mm-mmm.
Maggie Greene: My Dad took me there when I was little. When we were up there, all the way at the top looking down, I felt like I was flying.
Glenn Rhee: I'll go load up the station wagon.

"The Walking Dead: First Time Again (#6.1)" (2015)
[in a flashback, Maggie and Tara talk about Nicholas' fate]
Tara Chambler: [the two watch both Nicholas and Glenn working on the wall together] He got Noah killed?
Maggie Greene: He did. He did more than that. He lured Glenn into the woods and tried to kill him.
Tara Chambler: What the hell?
Maggie Greene: Yeah.
Tara Chambler: What?
Maggie Greene: Glenn told me I could tell everyone if that's what I wanted to do. Could get Nicholas exiled. He'd die out there. Could have done that. You could do that now.
Tara Chambler: He got Noah killed and he tried to kill Glenn?
Maggie Greene: Glenn saves people. Even people like that. I couldn't accept it either. But then I thought about you. How we were on different sides of the fence on the worst day of my life. And now you're one of the most important people in the world to me. Things can get better. We can make them better. You tell me what you want to do.
Tara Chambler: [Tara sniffles] I'm just gonna follow your lead, okay?
Maggie Greene: [Maggie hugs Tara and whispers] Okay. I'm sorry.

"The Walking Dead: Nebraska (#2.8)" (2012)
Rick Grimes: [going through a box filled with dresses] Your stepmother's things?
Maggie Greene: He was so sure she'd recover, they'd just pick up where they left off.
Shane Walsh: [finds hip flask] Looks like he found an old friend.
Maggie Greene: That belonged to my grandfather. He gave it to Dad when he died.
Rick Grimes: I didn't take Hershel for a drinker.
Maggie Greene: No, he gave it up on the day I was born. He didn't even allow liquor in the house.