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Andrew (Character)
from Humpday (2009)

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Humpday (2009)
Ben: What a wild life you live, my friend.
Andrew: Enh. You always have the option of doing what I'm doing, and I don't know that I so much have the option of doing what you're doing.
Ben: Ah, it's easy. You just go to a grocery store, you find someone with long hair that's a girl, start kissing her, one thing leads to another. Then you buy her a ring, you get married, you buy a house. And soon enough you're converting your upstairs office into a potential baby room.
Andrew: Are you fucking serious?
Ben: Not yet, but we're on the path. We've officially removed the goalie, and now we're just doing free kicks.

Andrew: That's the tricky thing. It's the difference between this and bungee jumping, is that bungee jumping, you just walk to the edge and jump...
Ben: ...and the whole thing takes care of you...
Andrew: ...and you don't have to have a hard-on to bungee jump.

Andrew: I'm going to count to five and we're going to fuckin' *kiss* and we're just going to do it. Alright.
Ben: You ready?
Andrew: You ready?
Ben: Yup!
Andrew: You ready?
Ben: Ready.
Andrew: Ready?
Ben: Five...
[in unison]
Ben: four, three, two, one.
Andrew: [jumps at Ben. They open-mouth "kiss", but without moving at all; and they hold this for at least ten seconds; then they release and stand back]
Ben: [pauses, then sounds happily relieved] It wasn't that bad!
Andrew: [laughing] No, it was just... it's weird, I've never kissed stubble before.
Ben: Wasn't that bad!
Andrew: It wasn't *terrible*.
Ben: It wasn't terrible, no, it wasn't terrible.
Andrew: [long pause] Yeah, that was awful.
Ben: Dude, that was awful.
Ben: Okay...
Andrew: Uhhhhh...
Ben: This is gonna be hard.
Andrew: Yeah, that puts a little wrench in the works, doesn't it?