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Cousin Nettie (Character)
from Carousel (1956)

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Carousel (1956)
Nettie: [singing] When you walk through a storm / Hold your head up high / And don't be afraid of the dark.

Clem: You being Julie's only kinfolk, I thought you oughta know. Ain't seen that barker from the carousel, neither.
Nettie: If you ain't got any better than them...
Clem: Oh, I got better, I got better. Could be accidental, them both disappearin' at 't' same time. All the same, it does look a mite peculiar.
Nettie: Nobody in our family ever did anythin' to be ashamed of, Clem Poops. Now you just find me a couple of good big lobsters or git!
Julie Jordan: [enters from a distance] Cousin Nettie!