Charles Meade
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Charles Meade (Character)
from "The Secret Circle" (2011)

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"The Secret Circle: Loner (#1.3)" (2011)
Charles Meade: Give me the crystal.
Dawn Chamberlain: Just talk, okay? We can't kill everybody who gets in our way.
Charles Meade: Suddenly you have scruples?
Dawn Chamberlain: Dead bodies tend to raise questions. It's not smart.

Charles Meade: Oh, by the way, I told Diana that we are dating.
Dawn Chamberlain: You did what?
Charles Meade: I had no choice. She knew I was lying to her about seeing you at school.
Dawn Chamberlain: But she believed THIS?

"The Secret Circle: Darkness (#1.10)" (2012)
Kate Meade: She IS the one we've been waiting for - strong enough to tip the balance between good and evil.
Charles Meade: That's barbaric.
Kate Meade: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Kate Meade: I know that you're involved in Henry Chamberlain's death and Jane's demise. Everyone's magic leaves its own unique imprint on it and I know yours. I have ever since you started practicing.
Charles Meade: How could I have been using magic? You stripped us of our power.
Kate Meade: Don't insult me. I'm not stupid. Be careful, Charles. You have a good heart but you're weak. You give into temptation. You always have.
Charles Meade: I make... my own... decisions.

"The Secret Circle: Witness (#1.12)" (2012)
Charles Meade: Don't ever use my daughter to get to me.
Dawn Chamberlain: What do you expect me to do, Charles. You don't answer my phone calls.
Charles Meade: Well, I thought I made it clear I don't want to talk to you.
Dawn Chamberlain: Why, because your mother doesn't like me?
Charles Meade: Maybe because you wanted to kill her.

"The Secret Circle: Beneath (#1.8)" (2011)
Charles Meade: I won't lie, Jane. I never really liked you, and not just because you and the elders took away our power - which, of course, would be reason enough. Long before that, I always found you to be smug and self-righteous... and dull - which is why I'm so pleased with this spell. I think that after I'm able to control the things that you say and do, we're gonna be great friends. And isn't that what it's all about? Friendship? I am sure you'll agree in just a few minutes.

"The Secret Circle: Medallion (#1.13)" (2012)
Dawn Chamberlain: How'd we end up on opposite sides like this?
Charles Meade: When you threatened to kill my mother, it occurred to me that you and I aren't exactly on the same page

"The Secret Circle: Slither (#1.5)" (2011)
Charles Meade: Heather Barnes was killed outside the Blake house last night.
Dawn Chamberlain: Yes, I'm well aware. Right in front of our kids.
Charles Meade: You think she said anything to them?
Dawn Chamberlain: Well, she was supposed to be catatonic for the rest of her life. I'm not even sure how she was able to get out her front door. Well, we always knew binding the circle would attract unwanted attention.
Charles Meade: I never thought they'd face this kind of danger, not... so soon.
Dawn Chamberlain: The more they're confronted with, the more they'll dig. And we're not equipped yet to protect them from what they might find.
Charles Meade: We will be. The blood moon's tonight and I've got everything ready. Be at the boat at 10:00. You don't want to miss it.
Dawn Chamberlain: No, we don't.