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Shockley (Character)
from "Psych" (2006)

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"Psych: If You're So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead? (#2.7)" (2007)
Shockley: Guys, can you help us?
Shawn Spencer: Is a lizard's skin dry and cracked?
[kids whisper to each other for several moments]
Goddard: We believe that it is.

Shockley: Shouldn't you be doing psychic stuff? Someone could be killed in the next forty-eight hours... possibly one of us.
Shawn Spencer: If you're so smart, why don't you solve the thing?
Shockley: Midterms. Duh!

[Shawn has just accused Kirk of a fifteen year old murder]
Carlton Lassiter: What, are you nuts? He's a kid.
Shawn Spencer: True. So how could this be possible, class?
Shockley: Time travel. He cryogenically froze himself in order to travel to the future.
Shawn Spencer: No.
Goddard: He's a clone of the original!
Shawn Spencer: Know what? Never mind, guys. Just... save it for your online role-play.

Carlton Lassiter: [about Kirk] He's wearing makeup.
Shockley: Is he gay?
Shawn Spencer: No. Well, maybe. Look, I don't...I don't know.