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Lindsay Leikin (Character)
from "Psych" (2006)

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"Psych: Psy vs. Psy (#2.3)" (2007)
Lindsay Leikin: Does something smell like pineapple?
Shawn Spencer: Pineapple upside-down cake. Would you like some? Wait, before you answer that, are you a fan of delicious flavor?

Lindsay Leikin: Well, you were wrong about one thing, Shawn. I didn't sleep with you because you were my enemy. I did it because I really thought we had something.
Shawn Spencer: Okay, first of all, a little discretion would be nice, all right? I mean, these... these are my coworkers.

Shawn Spencer: In that case, maybe we should just date.
Lindsay Leikin: I'm seeing someone.
Shawn Spencer: Well, is it...
Lindsay Leikin: Serious? Yes.
Shawn Spencer: You didn't know I was...
Lindsay Leikin: Yes, I did.

Lindsay Leikin: I'm getting a visual. He printed a batch of about fifty thousand, which should last him a while.
Special Agent Lars Ewing: Five bills a sheet, at least eighty sheets missing from this ream, that sounds about right.
Shawn Spencer: [puts his hand to his head] Wait. No... I'm getting more. I'm getting a lot more. Like five *hundred* thousand, which would last more than just a while, maybe... maybe a lifetime.
Lindsay Leikin: That's not possible.
Shawn Spencer: It is if you live in one of the Baltic states.

Lindsay Leikin: [Shawn is accusing her of knowing the thief] This is ridiculous.
Shawn Spencer: Is it? It's not like I'm wearing a giant moose costume.