Scott Howard
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Biography for
Scott Howard (Character)
from Teen Wolf (1985)

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Scott McCall attends Beacon Hills Highschool in Beacon Hills, California, and has a part-time job at the local animal clinic. He was a social outcast, asthma sufferer, and bench-warmer for the lacrosse team, until he was bitten by the werewolf Peter Hale in his (Peter's) quest for more power. After being bitten, Scott becomes co-captain of the lacrosse team, and starts dating Allison Argent (whose family hunts werewolves). Peter uses his new-found power to go on a killing spree, prompting Scott and his fellow pack-mate, Derek Hale (the presumed pack Beta, and Peter Hale's nephew), to break off from the pack and attempt to kill Peter, all the while Scott struggles with his grades in school, and stressful relationship with Allison. Scott attends Beacon Hills High School in Beacon Hills, California, where he plays lacrosse. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mother, Melissa, who works as a nurse at the Beacon Hills Hospital.

Scott has an after school job at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic as an assistant to Dr. Deaton. While wandering in the woods he was bitten by Alpha werewolf Peter Hale and cursed with lycanthropy. Before Scott was bitten he was an outcast at school and a bench warmer for the lacrosse team. He had asthma and was required to use an inhaler. He is now Co-Captain of the Beacon Hills High School Lacrosse team with Jackson Whittemore. According to the coach Bobby Finstock, he is the best player on the lacrosse team. Scott believes his new life as a werewolf is more of a curse than a gift. He occasionally becomes frustrated when his werewolf instincts get in the way of his normal life and his relationship with Allison Argent. Scott seems to possesses physical characteristics beyond those of a Beta Werewolf although he is not a member of any pack and is therefore an Omega.Throughout Season 3, Scott seemed to possess physical characteristics beyond those of a Beta Werewolf although he was not a member of a traditional pack and was therefore technically an Omega.

Scott's eyes, on a number of occasions, turned from yellow to Alpha Red.

Dr. Deaton says this is because Scott is a "True Alpha" meaning he can attain the status by strength of character instead of taking the status by killing another Alpha. True Alpha's are exceptionally rare, only happening once in one hundred years.

In the Season 3 Mid-Season Finale, Scott fully attains the status of Alpha.

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