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"The Norman Conquests: Living Together (#1.2)" (1977)
Sarah: [Speaking about Tom] Well, it's a bit late to consider his feelings, isn't it, having tried to steal Annie fom under his nose.
Norman: I was not stealing her. I was borrowing her for a weekend.
Sarah: You make her sound like one of your library books.

Sarah: You're very pensive, Norman.
Norman: [Depressed] I was just wondering which was the cleanest and quickest way to finish myself off.
Reg: Well, don't get married. That's long and messy.

Sarah: Goodbye, Norman. Have a good journey. See you at Christmas, I hope.
Norman: Oh, like the mistletoe I shall be there.

"The Norman Conquests: Round and Round the Garden (#1.3)" (1977)
Sarah: You really don't understand me at all, do you? You don't like me, and you've never tried to! understand me.
Norman: I understand you.
Sarah: But you don't like me... do you?
Norman: I don't dislike you. You make me irritable. You're like mild athlete's foot.

Sarah: The point is that I seem to be the only one in this family capable of making any sort of decision at all. I mean, whether or not I like it, I seem to be the head of this family at the moment. By rights it ought to be Reg. But if you've lived with Reg, you know he can't even pay a gas bill.

"The Norman Conquests: Table Manners (#1.1)" (1977)
Sarah: [Speaking about Tom] It must be fascinating being a vet. It's a pity, in a way, he's not a proper doctor.
Annie: [Defensively] He is a proper doctor. He just prefers animals to people.