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Bigfoot Wallace (Character)
from "Dead Man's Walk" (1996)

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"Dead Man's Walk: Episode #1.3" (1996)
Captain Salazar: All right, you did not accept my terms, so you're all still my prisoner. If you'd have killed me, I would have been martyred. Now I'll merely be disgraced.
Bigfoot Wallace: Not in my eyes.

Bigfoot Wallace: [Speaking about the Apache] Oh, you put a bullet in the right place, they'll die the same as you and me. Their skins ain't the same color as ours, but their blood is just as red.

Bigfoot Wallace: [about two Mexican soldiers who cannot walk any more] They're finished, Captain. We all got our finishin' point, and these boys have reached theirs.

"Dead Man's Walk: Episode #1.1" (1996)
Bigfoot Wallace: You best wrap up, Mattie.
Matilda Jane 'Mattie' Roberts: I like givin' my customers a free look, might make 'em feel... prosperous.
Bigfoot Wallace: Storm's comin'. You'll have icicles hangin' off your milkers you don't get dressed, honey.

Bigfoot Wallace: [to Augustus] Life's just as dangerous whether you're a corporal or a private.

Bigfoot Wallace: Hang the general, kill the bird, and keep the dentist. Dentist might come in handy.

"Dead Man's Walk: Episode #1.2" (1996)
Caleb Cobb: We still have that flag?
Bigfoot Wallace: What do we need a flag for?
Caleb Cobb: Well, we brought the damn rag. Why not use it? It might impress them.

"Texas Rising: Fate and Fury (#1.2)" (2015)
Big Foot Wallace: You sure you don't want a ride?
Jack Hays: I told you, two grown men can't ride double. It ain't dignified.
Big Foot Wallace: Oh, you want dignity or blisters?