Elliott Schwartz
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Elliott Schwartz (Character)
from "Breaking Bad" (2008)

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"Breaking Bad: Felina (#5.16)" (2013)
[Walter has just given Elliot and Gretchen $9.72 million in cash, to be given to Walter's son after Walter's death]
Elliott Schwartz: So what happens next?
Walter White: I guess we shake on it. And I leave.
[He shakes hand with Elliott and Gretchen]
Walter White: I can trust you to do this?
Elliott Schwartz: Yes. Absolutely you can.
[Walter turns to the window and signals to someone. Two laser dots appear on Gretchen and Elliot's chests, they gasp]
Walter White: Don't move. Don't dare move a muscle. You don't want them to think that you're trying to get away. Just breathe. Just this afternoon, I had an extra $200,000 that I would have loved dearly to leave on top of this table. Instead, I gave it to the two best hit men west of the Mississippi. Now, whatever happens to me tomorrow, they'll still be out there, keeping tabs. And if, for *any* reason, that my children do not get this money, a kind of... countdown will begin. Maybe a day or so later, maybe a week, a year, when you're going for a walk in Santa Fe or Manhattan or Prague, wherever. And you're... talking about your stock prices... without a worry in the world, and then suddenly, you'll hear the scrape of a footstep behind you, and before you can even turn around... pop!
[He pokes Elliott and Gretchen in the back of their necks, making them scream]
Walter White: Darkness.
[putting his arms around Elliott and Gretchen]
Walter White: Cheer up, beautiful people. This is where you get to make it right.