Uda Bengt
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Uda Bengt (Character)
from "Party Down" (2009)

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"Party Down: Stennheiser-Pong Wedding Reception (#1.10)" (2009)
[Uda explains that Valhalla Catering has taken over the reception]
Uda Bengt: Imagine you were successful and wealthy and it was your wedding day. And you spared no expense to create an environment of beauty and elegance and then *you* showed up?
[gags in disgust]
Roman DeBeers: This is unfair.
Uda Bengt: Take it up with the God that made you that way.

[Casey whispers to Henry in the middle of Uda's speech]
Uda Bengt: Ron, seriously, your team are like animals.
[Ron frustratedly snaps his fingers to shut up his team members]
Uda Bengt: That's going to be strike one. One more and I'm gonna report you to Alan Duk.
Roman DeBeers: You know there are three strikes in baseball.
Uda Bengt: Well this isn't f***ing baseball, weasel-face! It's catering.

[Uda asks Roman to direct guests to the restrooms when there is already a sign pointing the way]
Roman DeBeers: You want me to stand here all night like a douchebag next to a sign?
Uda Bengt: Do it in whatever style you like, but yes.
[Uda walks away, leaving Roman at his post]
Roman DeBeers: You know, I went to college.
Uda Bengt: I didn't. But I still get the irony.