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Quotes for
Kenzi (Character)
from "Lost Girl" (2010)

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"Lost Girl: Flesh and Blood (#2.22)" (2012)
Bo: There's a stack of maps and paper in the liar.
Kenzi: I got a D in geography, babe.

Kenzi: What language is this? It's like a cross between hieroglyphics and a doctor's prescription pad.

Kenzi: Dude was like a fey Jerry Springer.

Detective Hale: Val?
Kenzi: Baba Yaga wasn't available?

Detective Hale: Everything okay?
Kenzi: Are you kidding me? It's better than Call of Duty 3.

Lauren: Kenzi?
Kenzi: Wha... What happened? Did I get roofied again?

"Lost Girl: Into the Dark (#2.21)" (2012)
The Norn: No, you wouldn't dare.
Kenzi: Oh yes, I would. I'm human remember? We drive SUV's, and we dump raw sewage into pretty lakes, and we will burn this planet to the ground if it means just one more cheeseburger.

Kenzi: What, did the Norn also take your cojones? Huh?
Dyson: Actually, uhh...
Kenzi: What? When? Oh. You made a joke.

Dyson: I guess you bring out the worst in me.
Kenzi: We gotta get back the best of you.

Kenzi: You'd be surprised how many of my transactions involve power tools.

Vex: Oi, cupcakes, eh, toothpaste?
Kenzi: Footlocker.
Bo: And take off my kimono!

"Lost Girl: Original Skin (#2.9)" (2011)
Kenzi: Hey guys, how would I know if the dude was inside me?
Detective Hale: Been awhile?

Ciara: Man. Where am I?
Lauren: Who am I?
Kenzi: Why are my pants so tight?
Dyson: What the hell is on my face?
Detective Hale: Oh dear. Have we... Have we switched bodies?

Dyson: Uh, Bobo, I got the wolf junk, babe.
Kenzi: Don't touch it. Don't touch anything.

Dyson: Check me out! Kickin' it in the wolf man! Yeah!
Kenzi: Kenzi, sit down before you break something.

Dyson: And you.
Kenzi: Yes?
Dyson: You are weak, pathetic, and you need glasses.
Kenzi: oh, wow. That's... That's kind of mean.
Dyson: It's a miracle you've survived this long, Kenz. You might just be the strongest person I have ever met.

"Lost Girl: It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World (#1.1)" (2010)
Bo: [after Kenzi realizes Bo's not human] Don't freak out.
Kenzi: [shouting] I'm freaking out!
Bo: [rhetorically] What did I just say?

Bo: Don't freak out!
Kenzi: I'm freaking out.
Bo: What did I just say?

Bo: Now we know, anyone could be Fae.
Kenzi: My bets on wiener dude.

Kenzi: Learn to enjoy your shit already, you can frickin' control people by touch, and not in a creepy hand job way. That is awesome.

"Lost Girl: It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away (#2.6)" (2011)
Kenzi: Excuse me, Vex, dude. Look, I know you're all powerful and you could probably take me down too, but if you do, your boys are coming with me.

Kenzi: If you hurt my best friend again, one day, in the future, anthropologists will find your skeleton in an unmarked grave with a massive, massive, life ending blow to your head, by a totally awesome chick that rhymes with frenzy.

Detective Hale: You want some pancakes with that syrup?
Kenzi: One more word. One more word, and I'll be having siren with my syrup.
Detective Hale: You're getting nasty in your old age.

Kenzi: How did you do that?
Detective Hale: I got skills.
Kenzi: Will you marry me?
Detective Hale: Nah, you drink too much.

"Lost Girl: Caged Fae (#3.1)" (2013)
Hale: The Amazons won't listen to me.
Kenzi: Because of your stupid penis?
Hale: I prefer 'untested leadership'.

Traso: Name?
Kenzi: [Southern accent] Kenzi Von Clare. I'm Bo's honeybee, and I'm here for some sugar.
Traso: But... you're human!
Kenzi: Trust me: the shorter the lifespan, the deeper the quicksand!

"Lost Girl: School's Out (#2.16)" (2012)
Bo: What happened?
Kenzi: The chic click didn't appreciate my accessorization skills. Especially when I tried to pierce Heather number one's nose with a pen!

Dyson: Hey. Did you guys get anything yet?
Bo: A lecture from the vice principal and 27 invitations to the dance. One delivered in soliloquy.
Kenzi: How nice!
Bo: You?
Dyson: A fist bump. Kenz, you?
Kenzi: Well I was attacked by rabid Muffys, manhandled by Coach 'Bitchy Butch' and I got detention.
Bo: We are not getting far are we?
Kenzi: Teen angst. Our greatest foe.

"Lost Girl: Where There's a Will, There's a Fae (#1.2)" (2010)
Bo: Just a snack
Kenzi: Bo that's enough, Bo stop you're killing her, Bo stop! Bo stop its me.
Bo: I'm sorry, thanks for the cock block
Kenzi: Yeah, maybe next time I'll do it from a distance.

Bo: It's kind of tough growing up thinking you might have a shot at being prom queen, and then to find out that you're part of some ageless secret race that feeds on humans.
Kenzi: I hate it when that happens.

"Lost Girl: BrotherFae of the Wolves (#2.5)" (2011)
Kenzi: Oh, my god. Guys, this just in. You're a police man, who's also his own police dog! How did I not see this before? Seriously, dude!

Dyson: It's a pack thing, babe.
Kenzi: Oh, my god.

"Lost Girl: ArachnoFaebia (#1.7)" (2010)
Kenzi: My head is pounding harder than a sailor on shore leave.

"Lost Girl: Let the Dark Times Roll (#4.5)" (2013)
The Morrigan: [Kenzi and Bo are shocked to see the Morrigan again] Surprise!... and color me shocked. Imagine the unaligned succubus finally yanking her head from between her shapely legs and coming over to the only side that matters.
Bo: Well it wasn't by choice, lady and I'm having it annulled as soon as you give me Vex.
The Morrigan: Vex? Since when is that pervert capable of anything above the belt?
Kenzi: He imprisoned your brassy beaver.
[the Morrigan and Bo both look at Kenzi]
Kenzi: Right, Vex... Vex bad. Vex Messmer... poop.

"Lost Girl: Food for Thought (#1.6)" (2010)
Kenzi: [scrubbing her mouth vigorously after ingesting human corpse-based soup] Anybody got a breath mint?

"Lost Girl: Blood Lines (#1.13)" (2010)
Kenzi: Thanks for another mind-blowing day.
Bo: You're welcome. Swamp freaks, headless guys, people eaters. You can't say I haven't introduced you to some intresting people.
Kenzi: No, ma'am. Here.
[Kenzi gives Bo an ice pack]
Kenzi: I hate this job. The pay is shit. It's dangerous as hell, but life with you, my dear, is never boring.
Bo: Right back at you.

"Lost Girl: Lachlan's Gambit (#2.20)" (2012)
Bo: Every single snake at the zoo has disappeared!
Kenzi: Maybe they're on a plane?