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Curtis Brumfield (Character)
from "Body of Proof" (2011)

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"Body of Proof: Your Number's Up (#2.10)" (2011)
Megan Hunt: You have been unusually helpful
Curtis Brumfield: And you're been unusually quiet
Peter Dunlop: Oh, Lacey rocked Megan's credit card
Curtis Brumfield: Ohh, maga dang dang
Megan Hunt: Thanks for sharing, Peter!

Peter Dunlop: What's the riddle, uh?
Megan Hunt: Walt's big heart
Peter Dunlop: Maybe he was generous
Megan Hunt: As in 500 grams big
Curtis Brumfield: Oh, that is a big heart! Way above average

Lacey Fleming: [Ethan drops a pile of files to scan on her desk] More?
Curtis Brumfield: You'll be saving a whole rainforest by the time you're done
Lacey Fleming: No, no! She can't do this to me. You see, I have a life! My friends are out of school this week and they're talking about boys! I... I am missing out on my youth!

"Body of Proof: Love Bites (#2.8)" (2011)
Curtis Brumfield: Isn't this your day off?
Kate Murphy: Yep
Curtis Brumfield: Do I want to know?
Kate Murphy: Nope
Megan Hunt: Dr. Murphy! Taking another case away from me?
Curtis Brumfield: Oh hell!
Kate Murphy: How about you just accept the help?
Megan Hunt: Why does that make me nervous?
Detective Bud Morris: If you ladies are finished with the coffee klatch, can we get started please?

Dani Alvarez: Maybe she's a vampire
Ethan Gross: Yeah, but see, vampires have blood in their veins
Dani Alvarez: Not if another vampire sucks it out of them
Ethan Gross: You're perfect!
Dani Alvarez: What?
Ethan Gross: What? Eh, either way, you know, vampires can't drown, so...
Curtis Brumfield: What is this? A "twilight" convention?

Dani Alvarez: Maybe it was Ebola?
Curtis Brumfield: Dani, I hired you to be a driver, not a medical consultant!

"Body of Proof: Dead Man Walking (#1.5)" (2011)
Curtis Brumfield: You using a dead girl to hit on her sister?
Ethan Gross: No. No way. I told her it was inappropriate but... she kind of insisted.
Curtis Brumfield: Mm-mmm. So your telling me I'm up to my knees in bio-waste, just so you have something to talk about?
Ethan Gross: Yes?

Curtis Brumfield: You leave the girl any more messages, she'll think you're stalking her.
Ethan Gross: Well, what would you do?
Curtis Brumfield: I wouldn't be sitting here talking to me.
[Ethan hangs up the phone, flings off his lab coat and runs for the elevator]
Ethan Gross: Hey, thank you!
Curtis Brumfield: The boy is crazy.

Ethan Gross: Well, according to Jessica's labs, she didn't have cancer, she wasn't a smoker or pregnant or dehydrated
Curtis Brumfield: And she definitely wasn't obese
Ethan Gross: That reminds me: have you had your heart checked lately?
Curtis Brumfield: You have your face checked lately?

"Body of Proof: Love Thy Neighbor (#2.1)" (2011)
Curtis Brumfield: I'm glad somebody is in bed with the right people.
Kate Murphy: [laughs]
Megan Hunt: [Walking by] We all have our talents.
Kate Murphy: What did she say?
Curtis Brumfield: I didn't hear nothing.

Curtis Brumfield: [Holding a S&M leather mask] How do you like me now, Darth Vadar? Who's your daddy?
Ethan Gross: I don't think we saw the same Star Wars.

Kate Murphy: Curtis? Have you seen Megan? She's not answering her cell
Curtis Brumfield: She's out with Peter, Bud and Sam
Kate Murphy: Would you please let her know I need to speak with her immediately
[Kate leaves with the elevator, then Megan comes walking in]
Curtis Brumfield: Hey? Kate was just looking for you! Head all full of steam
Megan Hunt: Augh, tell her I am on a murder case
Curtis Brumfield: Uh-uh, I watch telenovelas: you two ain't sticking me in the middle! The story will have a tragic end with no survivors!

"Body of Proof: All in the Family (#1.7)" (2011)
Curtis Brumfield: Can I help you?
Todd Fleming: Yeah, I am looking for Dr. Hunt
Curtis Brumfield: You have an appointment?
Todd Fleming: You are her secretary?
Curtis Brumfield: Uh, No! I am her boss!
Todd Fleming: Oh, Sorry. Todd Fleming, I am her ex-husband. And good luck with that!
Curtis Brumfield: With what?
Todd Fleming: No one is Megan's boss!

Kate Murphy: Of course there is an easy way to determine puberty
Curtis Brumfield: You want me to do what?
Kate Murphy: Check the ten stages development of his you-know-whats
Curtis Brumfield: This is way beyond my job description!
Todd Fleming: I need this determination as soon as possible
Curtis Brumfield: Then you check his you-know-whats!
Kate Murphy: You're a doctor. I don't see him letting me do it!

Kate Murphy: I ask you for an epiphyseal plate evaluation and you do a full set of body X-rays?
Curtis Brumfield: Take a guess why!
Kate Murphy: Dr. Hunt starting to rub off on you?
Curtis Brumfield: No! Well yes actually.

"Body of Proof: Buried Secrets (#1.8)" (2011)
Peter Dunlop: Have you been in the records room recently? It's a nightmare!
Kate Murphy: What you're looking for?
Peter Dunlop: Lizzy Adler's file. I have been there for 30 minutes and I can't even locate the A's
Curtis Brumfield: That's not even how it is organized. It's by medical examiner, then year, then last name of the deceased.

Megan Hunt: Okay then, we have our reason
Curtis Brumfield: Reason to do what?
[Megan smiles at Curtis; Curtis shakes no]
Curtis Brumfield: Uh, uh, Oh NO! Don't even say it!
Megan Hunt: Curtis! We're exhuming her

"Body of Proof: Society Hill (#1.6)" (2011)
Curtis Brumfield: [Curtis is feeding his maggots, and singing to them] Time for dinner, little buddies. A-Yummy, yummy, num, num. A- yummy, yummy, do...
Ethan Gross: Could you try not to enjoy that so much?
Curtis Brumfield: [Speaking to the maggots] . Somebody's having a rough day.
Ethan Gross: [sighs] It's just... there's no roots on the hair, so no nuclear D.N.A., it's the only evidence from the killer, and I'm a little stressed, so a little quiet would go a long way.
Curtis Brumfield: [Speaking to the maggots] . Did you hear that?
Curtis Brumfield: Eat quietly.

Megan Hunt: I estimated she's been dead for at least 2 days. How fast can you confirm that?
Curtis Brumfield: There are 6 stages from egg to adult, I need to grow these little guys out and then calculate backwards. 20 days, maybe 25?
Megan Hunt: I want tomorrow!
Curtis Brumfield: I'll do my best

"Body of Proof: Home Invasion (#2.16)" (2012)
Curtis Brumfield: Listen up, you all! There is a new sheriff in town and this kind of waste isn't gonna fly anymore These three boxes of gloves where full yesterday. Now unless everybody in here has five hands, there is no way they should be empty already
Ethan Gross: Your highness? Funny thing, I actually do have five hands. Just put them in the freezer!

Curtis Brumfield: I am watching you, you know?
Ethan Gross: I do know and it's getting creepy!

"Body of Proof: Talking Heads (#1.4)" (2011)
Megan Hunt: Your job is to answer her questions and make me look good.
Curtis Brumfield: So you want us to lie.

Lacey Fleming: You're not gonna show me anything.
Curtis Brumfield: Look, somethings you'd see in this place would make your hair stand on end.
Lacey Fleming: Like what?
Curtis Brumfield: Like your mother on a warpath.

"Body of Proof: Hunting Party (#2.2)" (2011)
Curtis Brumfield: Well, thank you for coming, Francine.
Francine: I really want this job.
Curtis Brumfield: I appreciate your enthusiasm.
Francine: No, you don't understand. I really want this job. I need... this job.
Francine: I love dead people.

Curtis Brumfield: Ethan. I am done interviewing these people.
Ethan Gross: Well, maybe your just interviewing them wrong.
Curtis Brumfield: Mnh-mnh. There's only one way to answer 'Do you have a history of traffic accidents?' and no, it is not 'Do I get to play with dead bodies?'

"Body of Proof: Shades of Blue (#2.12)" (2012)
Peter Dunlop: What have you got?
Ethan Gross: Hey, remember that black foreign material that we found in the knuckle laceration? It's gold
Peter Dunlop: What is gold doing in a knuckle wound?
Curtis Brumfield: Could be gold used in restorative dentistry
Ethan Gross: Wait! He hit a dentist?
Curtis Brumfield: No fool! He hit somebody in the mouth with a loose filling!

Curtis Brumfield: We're running it now for biologicals
Megan Hunt: This is pretty damn good, Curtis!
Curtis Brumfield: Who's your daddy?

"Body of Proof: Broken Home (#1.9)" (2011)
Megan Hunt: Curtis? Where's Kate?
Curtis Brumfield: Do I have to remind you again that I am not her assistant?
Megan Hunt: You can try, I'm not sure if I care

"Body of Proof: Letting Go (#1.2)" (2011)
Megan Hunt: And Curtis, check on my DNA results, will you?
Curtis Brumfield: What DNA results?
Megan Hunt: The one I ordered in your name, didn't think you mind
Ethan Gross: Told you, she has this strange power

"Body of Proof: Lazarus Man (#2.4)" (2011)
Megan Hunt: Ethan?
Ethan Gross: Okay, that's weird
Megan Hunt: Curtis! What happened to Ethan's body?
Curtis Brumfield: You mean other than 30 years of junk food, video games and general lethargy?
Ethan Gross: Oh yeah? Your body is a temple?
Megan Hunt: I meant the body he is working on, the new transporter brought it in
Curtis Brumfield: What now? He lost it?

"Body of Proof: Helping Hand (#1.3)" (2011)
Curtis Brumfield: Ethan, did you run those trace samples on Elena Rosas?
Ethan Gross: Uh, yeah, yeah. The blue dye on her finger was too deluded to get a reading on, but the crusty trace on her blouse was milk
Curtis Brumfield: Milk? What kind?
Ethan Gross: Eh... Human
Curtis Brumfield: Go ahead, say it, Ethan!
[Ethan does nothing]
Curtis Brumfield: Breast milk, go on!
Ethan Gross: Okay, I don't have to, you just did!

"Body of Proof: Cold Blooded (#2.14)" (2012)
Ethan Gross: It's not a normal human pathogen
Curtis Brumfield: Sounds like an extremophile. And if you can't identify it in the usual ways, think outside the lab
Curtis Brumfield, Ethan Gross: DNA sequencing
Ethan Gross: Yeah, I said it first!
Curtis Brumfield: Aren't you brilliant?

"Body of Proof: Missing (#2.3)" (2011)
Megan Hunt: Can you match those imprints to a make and model?
Curtis Brumfield: Give us a few hours and we'll tell you if it's a standard or luxury

"Body of Proof: Falling for You (#2.11)" (2012)
Curtis Brumfield: [On balcony holding a crash dummy] Well, can we do this?
Ethan Gross: Yeah, sure. So, do you think she was pushed or do you think she jumped?
Curtis Brumfield: That's what the dummy is supposed to tell us, the trajectory of the fall
Ethan Gross: I know
Curtis Brumfield: But considering there's a chair against the rail, I am a go with she jumped
Ethan Gross: Okay
[starts climbing the chair]
Ethan Gross: so she stood up like this...
Curtis Brumfield: Ethan, get down!
Ethan Gross: Why?
Curtis Brumfield: Because I don't want the wrong dummy going over!

"Body of Proof: Point of Origin (#2.5)" (2011)
Curtis Brumfield: You know, relationships are hard especially when it involves three people and two of them have history
Megan Hunt: And suddenly we are not talking about the Applebees anymore. What is on your mind, Curtis?
Curtis Brumfield: I want you to know that in 99.9% of the time when it comes to you, I am on the side of Kate. But on her decision to date your ex, I think she is wrong! Like Michael Jordan playing baseball kind of wrong
Megan Hunt: Wow, we actually agree on something! .1% of the time
Curtis Brumfield: So keep that in mind when I say this: as Deputy Chief Medical Examiner you two need to work it out!
Megan Hunt: I am being professional!
Curtis Brumfield: Hum, hum

"Body of Proof: Pilot (#1.1)" (2011)
Curtis Brumfield: Doctor Hunt
Megan Hunt: Curtis
Curtis Brumfield: I am a doctor too, you know
Megan Hunt: Yet nobody calls you that! Strange