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Ashley Seaver (Character)
from "Criminal Minds" (2005)

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"Criminal Minds: The Stranger (#6.21)" (2011)
Ashley Seaver: Sometimes we do everything right, and we still lose.

Ashley Seaver: [voiceover] "Every journey into the past is complicated by delusions, false memories, false namings of real events..." ~~ Adrian Rich

Ashley Seaver: Sometimes we do everything right, and we still lose. He was a sociopath. It wasn't your fault.

Dr. Spencer Reid: Do you wanna know why horror movies are so successful?
Derek Morgan: Why is that, genius?
Dr. Spencer Reid: They prey on our instinctual need to survive. In tribal days, a woman's scream would signal danger and the men would return from hunting to protect their pack. That's why it's always the women and not the men who fall victim to the bogeyman.
Ashley Seaver: Count on you, Reid, to break a movie down to science.

Dr. Spencer Reid: You know, San Diego's essentially one big college town, with an enrollment at SDCU of approximately 65,000 students.
Ashley Seaver: San Diego County has nine universities, five private, four public. We add seven more if we're including trade schools.

"Criminal Minds: What Happens at Home... (#6.10)" (2010)
David Rossi: This won't be easy, Ashley. It may trigger some extremely painful memories.
Ashley Seaver: I appreciate the concern, but when your father kills 25 women before you're a teenager, painful memories don't need a trigger. They just are.

Dr. Spencer Reid: Has anyone vetted them?
David Rossi: Garcia's doing a separate check on police and security staff.
Ashley Seaver: Why?
David Rossi: Law enforcement and security are the kind of jobs that would attract this UnSub.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Dennis Rader, BTK, was a compliance officer in Park City, Kansas. Kenneth Bianchi, one of the Hillside Stranglers, worked as a security guard in California and Washington.
David Rossi: Psychopaths love official jobs and uniforms.

Ashley Seaver: Sir, the BAU is going to find the man that hurt your wife. And when they do, you'll probably learn that he has a family.
Drew Jacobs: I'm sorry.
Ashley Seaver: A lot of craziness is gonna go on all at once, and the family won't be able to tell you. They'll be afraid. they won't know how to approach you. But they'll be very sorry. They'll wish they could have done something to stop him. They'll wish things could be different. They would do anything for things to be different... I just want to apologize for them.
Drew Jacobs: ...Would you like to come in?
Ashley Seaver: No, I should get back.
Drew Jacobs: It would just be for a minute. Heather, my daughter, she's afraid. It might make her feel better knowing there's an FBI agent here.
Ashley Seaver: Okay. Just for a minute.
[Jacobs closes the door]

Heather Jacobs: Daddy? Daddy, please.
Ashley Seaver: I know how tired you are. I know how exhausting your life is. I watched him live it. I watched him fight it, and I saw how desperately he wanted to be different.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [team arrives at Jacobs' house] Prentiss and Morgan, take the back. Make noise. Let him know he's caught. It may be the only chance she's got.
Ashley Seaver: ...I watched him try so hard to be a good father. But in the end, he just couldn't stop the other thing.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [comes into house] FBI!
David Rossi: FBI!
Heather Jacobs: Daddy, please, let's just leave!
Drew Jacobs: Go downstairs, Heather.
Heather Jacobs: Please, Daddy.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: FBI!
Ashley Seaver: My father once told me the best day of his life was the day he got arrested, because he could finally stop.
Drew Jacobs: Do you hate him?
[Seaver gives her head a subtle shake]
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Drop the knife.
Heather Jacobs: Daddy!
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Drop the knife!
Heather Jacobs: Daddy!
Drew Jacobs: I'm sorry, baby. I'm sorry.
[walks toward Hotch]

David Rossi: What else is on your mind?
Ashley Seaver: A dog... When I was seven years old, I found a puppy on my way home from school. I ran all the way home with this little ball of fur. I was so excited. And when I got to the house, my dad was the only one home. And I gave him the puppy to hold while I got him some milk. We didn't have dog food, but I thought, well, a puppy's like a baby, so milk, right? And when I got back, my dad was in the bathroom, and he turned and told me to put the milk away. I didn't understand. And he told me we didn't need the hassle of another mouth to feed, and I was never to do that again... And he tilted his head, and I started crying and I could swear he looked like he was having fun.
David Rossi: He's a psychopath. Cruelty to animals is part of that.
Ashley Seaver: I know. But what I don't understand... Mr. Jacobs asked me a question about my father, and... I don't hate him. I don't. I try, but I just don't.
David Rossi: No matter what else he is, he's your father. Now, you're not responsible for the things he did. But you can't change the fact that to you... he's still your dad.
Ashley Seaver: I just feel like he's winning if I don't hate him.
David Rossi: No, kiddo. There's no winning. There's just living. Moving forward. And if you keep doing that, you'll be all right.
Ashley Seaver: Is that true?
David Rossi: It is for me.
Ashley Seaver: Thank you.
[Rossi holds her hand]

"Criminal Minds: Valhalla (#6.17)" (2011)
Penelope Garcia: Are you okay?
Emily Prentiss: Yeah, I'm good.
Penelope Garcia: I'm not a profiler, but you...
Emily Prentiss: Don't start... I'm sorry. I'm gonna be all right.
Penelope Garcia: Okay. I'm just really worried about you. The flu is going around. Are you pregs?
Emily Prentiss: [smiles weakly] No. No, I'm just... I'm not sleeping. I'm having this nightmare. It's a recurring nightmare. There's a hill, and there's a little girl on top of the hill. She's like six years old, dark hair. And she's just dancing in the sun. But somehow I know that she's waiting for me, so I start to walk up the hill... But the hill gets steeper and steeper, and by the time I climb to the top, the little girl's gone. And I look everywhere for her, and when I can't find her, I start to panic. And I panic because I know what's waiting out there for her. I know what the world can do to a girl who only sees beauty in it. Like you. Somehow you... You always make me smile. And I don't think I've ever thanked you for that.
Ashley Seaver: [comes in the restroom] Hotch needs you in the SCIF.
Emily Prentiss: Okay.

Penelope Garcia: Here's the million-dollar question... Anyone know what language that is?
Emily Prentiss: Those are villages in North Korea.
Penelope Garcia: I love you. Of course she does. There's a political prison near Haengyong ni. Camp 22. Kwanliso. North Korea denies it exists.
Emily Prentiss: You think they took Doyle there?
Penelope Garcia: That would explain why he's after them. Even his prison is off the grid.
Ashley Seaver: All we know is that he was never married, had multiple residences, and was arrested at his Tuscan villa.

"Criminal Minds: Coda (#6.16)" (2011)
Ashley Seaver: Is that the one where they fly around in the phone booth?
Dr. Spencer Reid: First of all, it's a police box, not a phone booth. Second of all, Doctor Who started a quarter of century before Bill and Ted even went on their bodacious adventures. So really, they should just call it Bill and Ted's excellent rip-off, I mean at least then...
Ashley Seaver: I'm really sorry.
Dr. Spencer Reid: For what?
Ashley Seaver: Asking.

Emily Prentiss: What about local financial records?
Penelope Garcia: I have cross-referenced every current and formerly licensed fisherman, crab men, shrimp men, friends of Poseidon, comes from the sea, you-name-it men with financial records showing default loans totaling over 35k.
Ashley Seaver: Okay, what did you find?
Penelope Garcia: A hundred and twenty-seven names. I know, do not shoot the messenger. Just tell me how to narrow it down.
Emily Prentiss: Do all 127 have children?
Penelope Garcia: No. But 76 do.
Ashley Seaver: Okay, how many of them have homes in foreclosure versus other debt that might not put them out onto streets?
Penelope Garcia: Oh, you are very good. We are officially down to 24.
Emily Prentiss: Send us those files.
Penelope Garcia: At cyber-tastic speeds, my sweets.

"Criminal Minds: Corazon (#6.12)" (2011)
Aaron Hotchner: Reid? Anything helpful?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Yeah. Yeah... The Afro-Caribbean syncretic religions began when slaves mixed their traditional religions with Catholicism in order to camouflage them. The elements in this altar look to me like Santeria. It's a Yoruban-based religion developed in Cuba. Practitioners worship Orishas, deities that roughly correspond with Catholic saints.
Derek Morgan: And what about the shells?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Let's see. This is Ellegua, the deity of the crossroads, a trickster and the impartial enforcer of justice.
Ashley Seaver: So, is the UnSub sacrificing the victims to him?
Dr. Spencer Reid: None of these religions openly call for human sacrifice, only animals.

"Criminal Minds: Big Sea (#6.23)" (2011)
David, Rossi: Some years back, Morgan's cousin fled a stalker. She made it to South Carolina. She was never seen or heard from again.
Ashley Seaver: Was it the stalker?
David, Rossi: He killed himself two weeks later, so we never found out for sure. But Morgan's profile led straight to him. So whenever unidentified female remains turn up, he gets that call.

"Criminal Minds: 25 to Life (#6.11)" (2010)
Ashley Seaver: So, we're looking for a liar in DC? I thought we were trying to narrow this down.

"Criminal Minds: Lauren (#6.18)" (2011)
Jack Fahey: You know when a cigarette is best? After sex with me.
David Rossi: Mind your manners.
Jack Fahey: All right.
David Rossi: You're already extorting us for Prentiss' location.
Ashley Seaver: So, just out of curiosity, what's like working for Doyle?
Jack Fahey: He's not so tough.
Ashley Seaver: Wow. I bet you're his hookup, aren't you? I mean, after all, you're the man.
Jack Fahey: I could show you how much of a man I really am.
[Rossi moves to Jack]
Jack Fahey: All right, all right, all right. Jeez, what's with the sexy cop/bad cop routine? What do you two think...
[Jack gets shot]

"Criminal Minds: Supply and Demand (#6.24)" (2011)
David Rossi: What is it, kid?
Ashley Seaver: We only rescued seven victims today. What about the rest of these?
David Rossi: It never ends.
Derek Morgan: But today, I think we did good.
David Rossi: Yeah, we did.
Penelope Garcia: Yeah, if we weren't so exhausted I would toast us.
Aaron Hotchner: [Hotch comes in] Good work, everybody. Go home and get some rest. Nobody needs to come in until nine... Thirty.
[Hotch leaves]
Penelope Garcia: We were supposed to talk... Has he ever left before us?
Derek Morgan: Baby girl, I don't blame him. It's been a long-ass day.
Penelope Garcia: Well, you heard the man.
David Rossi: Go home.

"Criminal Minds: Out of the Light (#6.22)" (2011)
Dr. Spencer Reid: Autopsy report revealed fragments of glass in some of Angela's wounds.
Aaron Hotchner: Were they able to identify the blades used?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Only that there were a number of them.
David Rossi: The doctor mentioned she had heavy metals in her blood.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Yeah, the highest one being lead.
Derek Morgan: Well, add that to the unique patterns of her wounds and the glass in her cuts. Maybe this guy worked with stained glass. Talbot had stained glass in his front door.
Ashley Seaver: The Owens had stained glass window chimes in their condo.
David Rossi: Lead fumes can get into your system during the soldering process.
[Seaver gives Rossi a weird glance]
David Rossi: What? My second wife was crafty.