Kyle Bradway
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Kyle Bradway (Character)
from "Party Down" (2009)

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"Party Down: Stennheiser-Pong Wedding Reception (#1.10)" (2009)
Roman DeBeers: Bobbie, what the f*** is that?
[Bobbie's appetizer tray is arranged into a swastika]
Bobbie St. Brown: Why?
Kyle Bradway: That's not right.
Bobbie St. Brown: Oh, I made it into that Nazi thing!
Roman DeBeers: Yeah.
Bobbie St. Brown: I didn't know, I... I thought I... I w -... I started out as a snowflake.

[Bobbie is high as a kite]
Bobbie St. Brown: I see lemons.
Kyle Bradway: Oh, no, it's okay because... they're right here.
[Kyle shows Bobbie the bowl of lemons]
Bobbie St. Brown: No, these are sun eggs.

[Kyle is trying to handle Bobbie's drug-induced condition]
Kyle Bradway: So, where are you now?
Bobbie St. Brown: I'm in a purple tube of consciousness.

"Party Down: James Ellison Funeral (#2.4)" (2010)
Blues Singer: I don't know if I can really explain it in words. It's more like something you live.
Kyle Bradway: Like the black experience.
Blues Singer: And having stuff to be blue about.
Kyle Bradway: Yeah, okay! Like... I did this movie, right? It was supposed to bump me up to the B-list. Well, it goes straight to video. And this yoga model I was hooking up with? Stops calling. AND my Xbox is all weird. It's like nothing's going right!