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Gatehouse (Character)
from "The Shadow Line" (2011)

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"The Shadow Line: Episode #1.7" (2011)
Gatehouse: [Gabriel tries to stop Gatehouse] Why are you doing this?
Jonah Gabriel: Because it matters.
Gatehouse: For other people to see you, standing out there in all that bright, white light? I'm sure it does matter. The problem is, Jonah Gabriel, that kind of glare, it just turns you blind. Because all I have to do is this...
[Gatehouse flicks open his lighter, lights it and then flicks it out]
Gatehouse: ... and your light goes out.
Jonah Gabriel: [the laser that was aimed at Gatehouse is then directed at Gabriel. Gatehouse then blows gently as if he is blowing out a light, and then Lia Honey, who is holding the sniper rifle, shoots Gabriel] No!

Gatehouse: [after Lia has killed Gabriel] You'll get over it.
Lia Honey: [shakily] I'll live with that for the rest of my life.

Ratallack: Now it's our turn.
Jay Wratten: Yeah. But how long is that gonna last?
Gatehouse: I think you know the answer to that already. And if you don't, you should.
Jay Wratten: Twenty years, and then a headshot in the back of a car?
Gatehouse: Not if you remember the rule.
Jay Wratten: Yeah? And what exactly is that?
Gatehouse: Simple. You, you're the threads. But me, I'm the rope.

"The Shadow Line: Episode #1.5" (2011)
Peter Glickman: Controller. It's not just a name to you, is it? It's what you have to have, no matter what. But there must have been a while back there, after I disappeared, when even you thought you'd lost it.
Gatehouse: Knew I'd get it back.
Peter Glickman: And that's why you didn't kill me at the door, isn't it? Because getting it back is what you wanted me to see. How are you going to do it, James? I'm guessing not with a gun - far too noisy. But your own hands? You must be angry. And to think, if I hadn't left that phone signal, you wouldn't be here.
Gatehouse: But you did... and I am.
Peter Glickman: You followed the trail.
Gatehouse: The one you left.
Peter Glickman: But what if I knew you couldn't help but follow it? May I?
[Glickman sits down, almost shivering with anticipation]
Peter Glickman: The only person who could force my son into leaving a message on that phone was you. I knew that. And I knew that once I picked it up, you'd follow the signal. And because you thought you'd found it, it would never occur to you that... actually, you were being led. Because it's who you are, what you do. Control, at any cost. Any cost. Ironic, then, isn't it? That by coming all this way to get it back, you lost it all together. Human, after all.