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Arkady Kolcheck (Character)
from "NCIS: Los Angeles" (2009)

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"NCIS: Los Angeles: Tin Soldiers (#2.15)" (2011)
Arkady Kolcheck: [Callen enters with Niko in cuffs] I see you got my message.
'G' Callen: You couldn't have left a note?
Arkady Kolcheck: You couldn't have rang the buzzer?

'G' Callen: Don't send anybody else to my house - not unless you want to get rid of them.
Arkady Kolcheck: We'll be in touch old friend.

Arkady Kolcheck: [During a gunfight] I'm out of bullets. And I know you have three left.
'G' Callen: Four.
Arkady Kolcheck: You wouldn't consider giving me one?
'G' Callen: Sure. How much are they worth to you?

"NCIS: Los Angeles: Pushback (#1.7)" (2009)
NCIS Special Agent G. Callen: So what makes you think I would trust some Russian girl?
Arkady Kolcheck: You knew her. When you were a boy, you used to bounce her on your knee.
[G has a flashback]
Arkady Kolcheck: Her name was...
NCIS Special Agent G. Callen: Alina. Her name was Alina.

NCIS Special Agent G. Callen: But I barely knew her. I was 14, she was 4 years old.
Arkady Kolcheck: [Speaking in Russian] My big brother.
[In English]
Arkady Kolcheck: That's how she said she would greet you, and you would remember her.
NCIS Special Agent G. Callen: She tried once. I... I scared her away. I didn't - The-the second time it was too late.