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Quotes for
Shadow Overlord (Character)
from "The Irate Gamer" (2007)

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"The Irate Gamer: 7-Up Spot (#4.1)" (2010)
Shadow Overlord: Now then, is there any news on the Irate Gamer situation?
Evil Gamer: Well, I'm afraid the situation there is unchanged.
Shadow Overlord: But I thought you hired thousands of mindless idiots to troll his videos with hate spam.
Evil Gamer: Well, I did, but let's face it, these idiots are so dumb they can't even make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without ruining it.
Shadow Overlord: So hard to find good minions these days.

Shadow Overlord: Evil Gamer, you know what you must do.
Evil Gamer: Oh yes, Shadow Overlord, I'll infiltrate Irate Gamer's house and steal his one-of-a-kind enhanced Magnavox Odyssey.

Evil Gamer: Master, wake up. I have good news to report.
Shadow Overlord: Ah, yes, the Evil Gamer, my loyal subject. Please lighten me.
Evil Gamer: Well, I'm happy to tell you that we're one step closer to finding the missing artifact.
Shadow Overlord: Ah, this is excellent news. I grow tired of waiting to be released from this mirrored prison. And once I do, I will take over this miserable planet.