Marie Alweather
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Marie Alweather (Character)
from Paulie (1998)

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Paulie (1998)
[last lines]
Adult Marie Alweather: Paulie, how did you find me ?
Paulie: Well, It's a long story.
Misha: [chuckling] It's the only kind he knows.

Adult Marie Alweather: You're the song that the tree sings, when the wind blows. / You're a flower... you're a river... you're a rainbow. / I loved you the first time I saw you... / And I always will love you, Marie.

Marie Alweather: [to Paulie] You want some?
Lila Alweather: Just mix a little in there.

Marie Alweather: Paulie is helping me learn some new words.
Warren Alweather: Birds don't teach.

Marie Alweather: Paulie!
Lila Alweather: Marie!
Marie Alweather: Paulie! Fly back to me! Paulie! Paulie, I love you! Fly back to me!