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Barfly (Character)
from Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989)

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Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989)
Ann: I brought you this. I knew it was your birthday.
[Hands Cynthia a potted plant]
Cynthia: Thanks.
Barfly: It's a nice plant. Looks like a tablecloth.

Barfly: This is too much. I'm wearing red, you're wearing red. That's quite a coincidence...
Ann: Look, I'm married.
Barfly: Really? Are you very married?
Ann: Married enough
Barfly: Oh. Oh. I see. Well, that shouldn't stop us...
Ann: I'm just here to see my sister. OK?
Barfly: Oh, really? Who's your sister?... Is she married?

Barfly: It's a nice dress.
Ann: Thanks. I thought so, too.
Barfly: Looks like a tablecloth.

Barfly: OK, now, you're wearing blue, I'm wearing blue. Is this some sort of weird coincidence?
Ann: I don't think so.
Barfly: I think it's something more.
Ann: Do you live here?
Barfly: No. I'm just passing through.