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Willis (Character)
from "MacGyver" (1985)

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"MacGyver: The Wasteland (#6.13)" (1991)
Willis: [suddenly sinking into the swamp] Whoa! Talk about being consumed by your work.

[last lines]
Willis: [about Bartlett's changes] What do you think?
MacGyver: He's trying. It's all you can expect from anyone.

[first lines]
Willis: [voice on tape] Welcome to the Wasteland, MacGyver. Put it in gear, drive straight ahead for three miles and the next living thing you'll see will be me. I made this audio tape to keep you company and to prepare you for the bad news I've been accumulating about the death of this land that was once busy with living things. God said, "Let there be life," and there was life. Man said, "Let me develop, use and consume everything I can without thinking about the consequences," and this is the result. Charming, isn't it?