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Lt. Chet Adams (Character)
from "Saved by the Bell" (1989)

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"Saved by the Bell: Zack's War (#2.2)" (1990)
Mr. Belding: I'd like to introduce to you Lieutenant Chet Adams.
Kelly: [Lisa wolf whistles] Lisa, what are you doing?
Lisa: I can't help it. He is so hot.
Lt. Chet Adams: Are you alright, young lady?
Lisa: Yes, Lieutenant Hot.

Lt. Chet Adams: Hope I'll be seeing some of you soon.
Lisa: Oh, you will, honey.

Lt. Chet Adams: Good morning, Lisa, Kelly.
Lisa: How could it be good? Look at the way I am dressed!
Lt. Chet Adams: Think you look terrific.
Lisa: I'm beginning to love the Army!

Lt. Chet Adams: The highlight of every Cadet Corps program is an athletic competition. This helps develop physical skills, teamwork, and it's the Army's way of separating the men from the boys.
Jessie: Excuse me?
Lt. Chet Adams: I mean, the persons from the persons.
Jessie: Thank you.
Lt. Chet Adams: Now, there'll be a red team and a blue team. Choice of colors alright with you, Miss Spano?
Jessie: [Smiling] Yes.
Jessie: But it's "Ms".

Lt. Chet Adams: Way to go, Lisa.
Lisa: Thank you, Lieutenant. By the way, are you married?
Lt. Chet Adams: By the way, yes.
Lisa: By the way, adios.

Lt. Chet Adams: Since the rope broke, this is the tie-breaking event. The super obstacle course. Each team will choose one man -
[Looking at Jessie]
Lt. Chet Adams: I mean, one person, to compete.
Jessie: Very good, Lieutenant.
Lt. Chet Adams: I'm trying, Cadet Spano.