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Colleen (Character)
from "House M.D." (2004)

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"House M.D.: Two Stories (#7.13)" (2011)
Colleen, Dr. Gregory House: Why would they hid something that could be killing them?
Dr. Gregory House: Because they are morons. They're all morons, and everybody lies.

Dr. Gregory House: [House talks his story to Colleen and Zach] She recently got the thin envelope from her first choice preschool. But it turns out, it was her fake first choice because she was convinced she couldn't get her kid into her actual first choice without a substantial donation or an inside connection.
Sanford Wells: If it's Brye Park, I'm afraid she's right.
Zachary Taylor: Wait, that's our school.
Colleen: What other school would he be talking about?
[to House]
Colleen: Just finish the story.
Dr. Gregory House: You know, I gotta tell you, there's bossy, which can be sexy, and then there's bitchy...
Colleen: Finish the story.
Dr. Gregory House: [resumes his story] You obviously know this because you're on the school board, which puts you on the inside and being the CEO here obviously connects you to Cuddy.
Sanford Wells: Well, if we're so connected, why isn't she the one asking?
Dr. Gregory House: Because she thinks it's wrong to use connections to cut in line. I don't.
Sanford Wells: I might be able to help.
Dr. Gregory House: Fantastic.
Sanford Wells: But I could use a favor as well.

Colleen: I clearly didn't lead him along or anything like that, which proves that I'm not a tease. So why is your girlfriend mad at you?
Dr. Gregory House: I'm getting a kind of bossy vibe.
[to Zach]
Dr. Gregory House: I take it you're into that?
Colleen: [to Zach] Don't answer.
[to House]
Colleen: Your turn.