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Quotes for
Ricky (Character)
from House on the Edge of the Park (1980)

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House on the Edge of the Park (1980)
Ricky: I made a real royal straight!

Ricky: And you, Howard?

Ricky: Earlier, while you were out, the police showed up here. It was Turner. That crud that's always snooping around. He was looking for a stolen black Lincoln. By the time he got here, the car was already gone. Pretty lucky, huh?
Alex: It's not hard to be lucky. For example, you go down to the corner bar for a drink and that particular cop happens to be there. So you start telling a story to the barman or the person sitting next to you about this guy who snooped around too much. And in order to get even with him, the guys he was investigating took it out on his family. And you tell it loud enough so the cop can hear.
Ricky: So what does he do?
Alex: He doesn't do anything. He drinks his beer and he leaves. You see he's got two girls at home. 15 years old.
Ricky: [laughs] Shit, you can really handle things, Alex. I've never had a friend like you.

Ricky: Alex, will you lend me 20 bucks? I need to be covered.
[Alex looks at Ricky's cards and lends him a $20 bill]
Ricky: [lays down his cards] Three aces.
Tom: [lays down his cards] Not good enough. Flush. Want to play another hand?
Ricky: I'm clean. You guys cleaned me out.
Alex: [hands Ricky a $100 bill] Here. Let's play one more hand. Be careful, Ricky. They're taking you for a ride. These bastards wouldn't know a straight game even if they followed one home.
Glenda: What did you say?
Alex: You heard me, twat! You don't get a full house or a royal flush four times in a row unless you're cheating.
Tom: You shouldn't say those things. People like us could take it the wrong way.
Alex: Deal the cards, mister... where I can see 'em!

Ricky: [looking under the hood of Tom and Lisa's car] Hey, Alex I found it. The alternator wire's loose.
Alex: [sarcastic] Wonderful, Ricky. Wonderful!
Ricky: I'll have it fixed in a minute.
Alex: Take your time. Take your time.
Ricky: Why?
Alex: [serious tone] Why not? It's too late to go boogying anyway.
Ricky: Too late? No, come on. What are we going to do? The night's still young.
Alex: Well... I hear there's a party. You up for a party?
Lisa: I told you, it's not a party.
Alex: Well, when we get there, we'll make it one.
Lisa: You want me to dance with you at the party?
Alex: Oh... you'll dance all right.