Deputy D.A. Jonah Dekker
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Deputy D.A. Jonah Dekker (Character)
from "Law & Order: LA" (2010)

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"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Reparations (#12.21)" (2011)
Jonah Dekker: [to Novak about subpoening Lorna] This is pretty low. Even for someone who needs to win as badly as you do.
Casey Novak: I'm trying to win for Catherine.
Jonah Dekker: Whose grandfather raped my aunt!
Casey Novak: And this victim is just as innocent as your aunt. She was targeted by Dwight as revenge for this decades-old atrocity.
Lorna Talcott: [to Decker] After everything I've taught you, you're scared of a damn piece of paper?
Jonah Dekker: You don't get it. This prosecutor is compelling you to describe the details of your rape for the record.
Lorna Talcott: No one can make me do anything.
Casey Novak: Ms. Talcott, if you don't appear, you'll be held in contempt and taken into custody.
Lorna Talcott: Jail is just steel and concrete. I've spent plenty of time in the cell.

Jonah Dekker: [When Dekker goes to see Grant Harrison] Look, I just wanna talk to him.
Odafin Tutuola: I'd probably buy that if you didn't look like you were ready to kill.