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Quotes for
Larry (Character)
from "Arrested Development" (2003)

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"Arrested Development: Mr. F (#3.5)" (2005)
Michael: What's a Surrogate doing here?
Larry: We're meeting with the lawyers.
George Sr.: So I hired this guy to be my eyes and ears.
Michael: You know, dad, this guy costs us a fortune.
Larry: He's worth every penny.
George Sr.: Hey, I didn't say that.

Buster: Oh, I've had the time of my life.
Lucille: He's being sarcastic, GOB.
Buster: No, I'm not, mother. I mean, lover.
Larry: I like making love to mother.
Buster: I mean lover!

Gob: What do you think, dad... a whole... tiny town?
Larry: Another brilliant idea, Einstein!
Gob: Really? You'll build it with me?
George Sr.: Larry never really knows how to sell the sarcasm.

"Arrested Development: Notapusy (#3.4)" (2005)
Bob Loblaw: Why don't you volunteer for something?
Larry: I'll do anything to get out of this fucking apartment.
Lucille: You'll do anything to get out of fucking in this apartment.
Larry: Ah, you're drunk.

"Arrested Development: The Ocean Walker (#3.6)" (2005)
Larry: Larry, go to a mirror!
George Bluth Sr.: You're fired!
Larry: I'm fired? What? And this is how you tell me? At a wedding?
George Bluth Sr.: You should not have said that!
Larry: You shouldn't have said anything!

"Arrested Development: Forget Me Now (#3.3)" (2005)
Michael: That's why I had this meeting here, so Dad could not interfere.
Larry: Interfere? I ought to pull down your pants and spank your ass raw.
Michael: I'm sorry, have we met?
Bob Loblaw: This is Larry Middleman, he's your father's surrogate.
Michael: Surrogate?
Larry: That's right, you dumb fuck!
George Sr.: I hired this guy to wear a camera in his hat so he could be my eyes and ears while I'm stuck in this penthouse.
Larry: This camera helps me keep tabs on you idiots... while this thing rubs my ankle raw.
George Sr.: I mean, look at this thing...
Larry: I can't even go in the hallway...
George Sr.: Without hearing that...
Larry: Beep. Beep. Beep.