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80s Dan (Character)
from "The Cinema Snob" (2007)

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"The Nostalgia Critic: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (#5.27)" (2012)
[this is Team 80s Dan's reaction to "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"]
80s Dan: Horrendous!
Dolly: Poppy shit.
80s Dan: It's horrendous poppy shit.
Travis Crabtree: Anus bubble.
Mrs. Crabtree: Cancer sore.
Travis Crabtree: Vomit dick.
Dolly: Douche sucker.
80s Dan: Turd!
R.O.B. the Robot: Well, I, for one, loved it.
Travis Crabtree: Shut up, R.O.B.
R.O.B. the Robot: You're a dick!
[canned studio laughter]

[the cast of 80s Dan think "Temple of Doom" is the best Indiana Jones movie ever, while "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" is the absolute worst ever]
Nostalgia Critic: I'm sorry, I can't let this fly!
80s Dan: What are you talking about, 80s Doug?
Nostalgia Critic: "Temple of Doom" sucks!
[the cast of 80s Dan all vehemently disagree]
Nostalgia Critic: Yeah, I know people really hate "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", but how come "Temple of Doom" always gets a free pass? It has some of the silliest scenarios, the stupidest lines, and the most obnoxious characters! So how come this one usually gets overlooked whenever talking about bad Indiana Jones flicks?
80s Dan: Because it's awesome.
Nostalgia Critic: It's not! It's terrible! And to prove it, I'm gonna go over it and show just how freakin' silly this film is!
80s Dan: [scoffs] You're gonna find something silly in an Indiana Jones film?
[scoffs again]
80s Dan: Good luck there, pal.
Nostalgia Critic: [smugly] Let's begin.

Nostalgia Critic: Well, at least to its credit, it does start off like an Indiana Jones movie. I mean, you got the mountains, the rough and gruff tone, the epic feel of adventure, the...
[the scene opens on Club Obi-Wan where Willie dances and sings with a group of other female performers]
Nostalgia Critic: ...dancing Broadway singer, the line chorus, the tap-dancing number? Did I just pop in a copy of "That's Entertainment" by mistake? What the hell is this? Would you ever guess this is an Indiana Jones movie just by the opening?
80s Dan: That's why it's so great! It plays with your expectations, and it catches you off-guard.
Nostalgia Critic: But it has nothing to do with anything. I keep expecting the cast of "Blazing Saddles" to bust in!

"80's Dan: Christmas Eve in Springfield (#2.3)" (2012)
80's Dan: You got me a prostitute? I hope she's black!