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Quotes for
Marlena (Character)
from Water for Elephants (2011)

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Water for Elephants (2011)
Marlena: He sold off two dead-beat clowns and a train car so he could buy Lucinda, our lovely fat lady. And Rex.
August: Rex.
Marlena: But you kept the coochie girls, didn't you?
August: No denying they're good revenue. I needed money. So I had to scavenge every dead circus for every act we have.
Marlena: But you didn't have to buy me, did you?
August: No. I had to marry you.
Marlena: That's right.

Marlena: I was born a passenger. They found me wrapped in a newspaper under a seat on the Baltimore and Ohio. I was just three days old. I grew up in foster homes. I'd always daydream about who my parents were. When I was five, for an entire year, I pretended my mom was an Appaloosa mare. I did. And that I was a filly, and that I was just dreaming that I was a girl. And that one day I'd wake up, and I'd run home. One thing's for sure, I was a lot safer in those stables than I ever was in those homes. And then the circus came to town.