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Quotes for
Paine (Character)
from The Expendables (2010)

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The Expendables (2010)
Paine: Who sent you?
Barney Ross: Your hairdresser.

Paine: How many men you got?
Barney Ross: Just your mother!

James Munroe: First of all, I don't feel comfortable talking business with a giant carrying a shotgun.
The Brit: Pretty boy wouldn't give it up.
Gunnar Jensen: Not if you wanna know where they are.
James Munroe: What do you know?
Gunnar Jensen: I used to be one of them.
James Munroe: Why are you turning on them?
Gunnar Jensen: Lover's quarrel.
James Munroe: We settled on 50.
Gunnar Jensen: No, math whiz. We settle on 100 grand upfront, in my pocket!
Paine: The guy thinks he's a real badass.
Gunnar Jensen: Actually, I'm a horror show.
The Brit: This geezer's a bloody joke.
Gunnar Jensen: Life's a joke, SHITFACE!