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Margeaux Peters (Character)
from "Sophomores" (2010)

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"Sophomores: Spoon in the Road (#1.8)" (2010)
Margeaux Peters: Hey, I don't only wear... sweatpants.
Kendall: Sure you don't, frumpy.
Margeaux Peters: Okay, stop calling me that!
Kendall: Whatever! Why don't you just go eat some more calories. They're the only friends you have!

Sandra Charter: Margeaux, nobody is ever done with their problems. I know I told you college is all about uncertainty, but really, so is life. There's like this spoon in the road.
Margeaux Peters: A spoon in the road?
Sandra Charter: What I mean is there's no real beginning and end. Life moves in one big, continuous circle. I may never be okay with Zoe living with her dad and you may never be okay with what happened at Columbia, but we manage. And we learn how to move along, the more we circle around the spoon in the... You get the metaphor.