J.J. LaRoche
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J.J. LaRoche (Character)
from "The Mentalist" (2008)

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"The Mentalist: Blood Feud (#5.4)" (2012)
J.J. LaRoche: If I don't like what you have to say, you could walk out of this room charged with murder. Do you understand that?
Wayne Rigsby: Yes.

Teresa Lisbon: Agent LaRoche.
J.J. LaRoche: Lisbon. Jane.
Patrick Jane: Hmm, yes. It's the man who watches the watchman. How's tricks?
J.J. LaRoche: You tell me.
Patrick Jane: Oh, you'll get nothing from me, copper. I'm no rat.

Teresa Lisbon: So, what's your report gonna say?
J.J. LaRoche: It will say that agent Risgby acted appropriately and with sound judgment when he used lethal force against Moss. Good work. You got away with it.
Patrick Jane: Me?
J.J. LaRoche: Well I can't make a case, but you chose a remote location for the meeting, you set up a situation in where Moss had to flee. And there, by chance, was Risgby.
Patrick Jane: Well, I'm flattered. You flatter me, but I can't take credit for that.
Teresa Lisbon: Moss didn't have to run, I would have brought him in.
J.J. LaRoche: The plan did require Moss to put his own head in the noose. Small gamble Jane had to make to keep everyone's hands clean.
Teresa Lisbon: Moss fired his gun!
J.J. LaRoche: So you all say. And, of course, Moss can't tell his version. And now Rigsby has taken perfectly legal revenge against the man who killed his father. You think it will effect him?
Patrick Jane: Well I think it's better to regret something you did than something you didn't do.

"The Mentalist: Redacted (#3.20)" (2011)
Grace Van Pelt: [Entering in Lisbon, Jan, and LaRoche] Sorry to interrupt, boss. But I just talked to the girlfriend, Heather Blue, she's frightened. Says someone's prowling around her apartment.
Teresa Lisbon: Let's go see her. I wanna ask her about that Peace Corps thing anyway. Jane, are you com -
[Realizes Jane's gone. Quietly to herself]
Teresa Lisbon: Damn.
J.J. LaRoche: Something wrong?
Teresa Lisbon: Not at all, sir.

J.J. LaRoche: What were you thinking? Because of your actions, Donald Culpepper cannot stand trial
Teresa Lisbon: I'm sorry, frustration at the job
J.J. LaRoche: Your apology is of no import
Patrick Jane: Come on, did he steal anything?
[Lisbon glares at him]
J.J. LaRoche: [to Lisbon] A week suspension is mandatory and six months of anger management
Patrick Jane: Oh!
[spins around in his chair]

Patrick Jane: I've got nothing
J.J. LaRoche: That's disappointing, something got you off your game, distracted?
Patrick Jane: No, not at all

"The Mentalist: Bloodstream (#3.17)" (2011)
Teresa Lisbon: Are you for real? We've had to endure your surprise visits for months. You've named your killer. She's on the run. Why do you keep showing up at my crime scenes?
LaRoche: Because this morning I...
Teresa Lisbon: I don't even want to hear it! The second Hightower's replacement is annouced, I am going to put in a formal request to keep you away from me!
LaRoche: As I was saying, this morning I was assigned to take over Hightower's duties, which includes overseeing this team.
Patrick Jane: Oopsy-daisy.
LaRoche: I appreciate your candor, and I'm going to honor your request. Agent Cho.
Kimball Cho: Yeah?
LaRoche: I'm putting you in charge of the team as of right now. Agent Lisbon, you report to Cho. Good day.

Teresa Lisbon: Wasn't my catch. Cho gets the credit. He's a good leader. You were right about him.
LaRoche: I'll include your sentiments in his file, as well as an accomodation in your own.
Teresa Lisbon: Thank you.
LaRoche: You are back in charge of your team, effective immediately.
Teresa Lisbon: [Quietly] What?
[pause. Then louder]
Teresa Lisbon: What?
LaRoche: You're back in charge.
Teresa Lisbon: No, I heard you... Why was I pulled off in the first place?
LaRoche: Maybe I was messing with you... And it showed you I won't tolerate any disrespect... That'll be all.

"The Mentalist: Little Red Book (#4.2)" (2011)
J.J. LaRoche: It was... interesting - working with you and Jane.
Teresa Lisbon: I think that's the polite word for what it was. Thanks.

"The Mentalist: Black Helicopters (#6.13)" (2014)
J.J. LaRoche: This place is creepy. If you think I'm going to search this dump by myself you are gravely mistaken.