Michael Kovak
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Michael Kovak (Character)
from The Rite (2011)

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The Rite (2011)
Father Lucas Trevant: [from trailer]
[Father Lucas shows Michael a possessed girl he is trying to perform an exorcism on]
Father Lucas Trevant: What is it that you believe?
Michael Kovak: That's not the devil.
Father Lucas Trevant: Does a thief or a burglar turn on the lights while he's robbing your house? No. He prefers you to believe that he's not there... like the devil!
Michael Kovak: Gets complicated when no proof of the devil is somehow proof of the devil.

Eddie: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Seminary school, really? Wait, is this your way of telling me you're gay?
[Michael looks angrily at Eddie]
Eddie: I'm just joking. Okay? Joke.
Michael Kovak: You don't get it. In my family, you're either a mortician or a priest. That's it.
Eddie: Well, then change your name!

Michael Kovak: Dude, I've looked into it. It's a four-year degree before you even take your first vows. If it doesn't work out, I can always leave.
Eddie: Wow. Such faith.

Nina: [Gives Michael and Eddie two beers] These are on the house.
Eddie: Wow.
Michael Kovak: You gonna get heat for giving away beers?
Nina: Not if they don't know.
Eddie: How about for banging the customers?
Nina: Screw you, Eddie.
[to Michael]
Nina: Drink up. I'm off in ten. Lickety-split.
Eddie: Lickety-split? Pbb. You better make the most of that, before they chop your wiener off.
[They cheer and clank bottles]
Eddie: Goodbye wiener.

Father Xavier: For example, paranoid schizophrenics are not aware that they're deluded.
Michael Kovak: Neither are the possessed while they're being possessed, are they?
Father Xavier: But people who are possessed have periods of lucidity. That's my point.
Michael Kovak: So do schizophrenics.
Father Xavier: One can't suddenly manifest abilities simply because one is deluded. The man on this tape is German. How does he spontaneously speak Russian?
Michael Kovak: How could a boy in a village in Africa found 400 miles from his home claim that he was abducted by aliens? It's just as unlikely. But we're willing to call him crazy and your German man not because he believes in aliens, not God.

Angeline: So you're having a final fling with atheism?
Michael Kovak: Well, I guess it's more like an ex-girlfriend who keeps coming around.

Father Xavier: Tell me, Michael, do you believe in sin?
Michael Kovak: Yeah, I just don't necessarily believe the devil makes us do it.
Father Xavier: He that committeth sin is of the devil.
Michael Kovak: Then that'd be all of us, wouldn't it? And if we're all of the devil, how do we fight him?

Michael Kovak: I believe that people prefer to lie to themselves than face the truth.

Michael Kovak: How'd she do it?
Istvan Kovak: What?
Michael Kovak: Kill herself.
Istvan Kovak: Michael, I've told you this many times. We serve the dead, but we don't talk about them. It brings bad things.
Michael Kovak: We keep dead people in the house, Dad. How much worse could it get?

Father Lucas Trevant: Faith becomes you. Stay with it. Keep fighting the good fight with all thy might.
Michael Kovak: Cool.
Father Lucas Trevant: Get out of here...