Josh Lambert
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Josh Lambert (Character)
from Insidious (2010/I)

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Insidious (2010/I)
Josh Lambert: Who is she?
Elise Reiner: A parasite. She befriended your astral body and lured you into the Further just as Dalton has been.

[Specs gasps]
Josh Lambert: What?
Specs: Star Fleet Series One. It's hard to find. You should have kept it in its box.

Josh Lambert: [to Dalton] You may be a superhero, buddy, but you're not invincible.

Renai Lambert: I just want things to be different in this house. I just had such a bad day. I'm scared nothing is gonna change.
Josh Lambert: It will, I promise. We just gotta give it some time.

Josh Lambert: You should write a song about me.
Renai Lambert: They're all about you!
Josh Lambert: Like how cool I am.

Renai Lambert: I'm scared. I'm so scared and...
Josh Lambert: I'm scared. He's my son, too.
Renai Lambert: You don't understand. I'm scared for Dalton. I'm scared of this house. There's something wrong with this place. I'm not imagining it. I can feel it. It's... it's like a sickness. Ever since we've moved in, everything's just gone wrong.
Josh Lambert: You think our house is haunted?
Renai Lambert: I don't think it. I know it. Things move around in here by themselves. I walk into the kitchen at night to get a drink, I can feel eyes on me.

Josh Lambert: I don't avoid stressful situations. I'm just dealing with them in my own fucking way.
Renai Lambert: [giving him Dalton's bloody bedsheet] Fine. Deal with this!

Josh Lambert: This is the first line of a joke, right? A guy comes home to find his wife with a priest.

Specs: You must be Josh.
Josh Lambert: Yeah. Hi.
Specs: That wasn't psychic. Elise already told me your name so...
Renai Lambert: Where is Elise?
Specs: She sent us ahead to do some preliminary tests.
Tucker: [eating a hot pocket] Helps weed out the nut jobs.

Josh Lambert: I'm Josh.
Elise Reiner: I knew that. You've grown since I last saw you.
Josh Lambert: Since you last saw me?
Elise Reiner: Your mother and I have been friends a long time.

Josh Lambert: I can't have somebody coming into our home and telling us the reason our son is in a coma is because his soul has floated off somewhere in another dimension.

Lorraine Lambert: The reason I knew to call Elise in this situation, the reason I know her so well, is because I called her myself once, years ago, to help you.
Josh Lambert: What are you talking about, Mom?
Elise Reiner: It's no accident that your son is a gifted traveler. The ability was handed down to him.
Lorraine Lambert: By his father.

[last lines]
Josh Lambert: Renai, I'm right here.
[Renai gasps]

Josh Lambert: Mrs. Rainer?
Elise Reiner: No, Mrs. Rainer is my mother. Just call me Elise.

Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)
Josh Lambert: I know what happened. I went in that place to get our son back and something evil followed me, who killed Elise.