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Janine Butcher (Character)
from "EastEnders" (1985)

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"EastEnders: Episode dated 4 May 2004" (2004)
Janine: [talking to police officers about the night she and Laura had a fight] I'm not sure, she just came at me shouting things for God knows what reason. She was pretty drunk.
Two Police Officers: What about you, were you drinking?
Janine: No, I never drink.

"EastEnders: Episode dated 1 April 2008" (2008)
Diane: My partner's just qualified as a doctor.
Janine: So you've settled down then?
Diane: Yeah, nearly three years now.
Janine: What's his name?
Diane: Suzanne.
Janine: Great...

"EastEnders: Episode dated 2 March 2012" (2012)
[Janine has accepted Michael's marriage proposal and cuddles up to him]
Michael Moon: This is going to be the start of massive things for us.
Michael Moon: Happy?
Janine Butcher: I love you.
Janine Butcher: That's why you have to sign a prenup. I said that I didn't want to end up rich and alone and I definitely don't want to end up skint and alone.
Janine Butcher: Let's conquer the world, baby!

"EastEnders: Episode dated 3 May 2004" (2004)
Pat: [referring to Barry's passport that Janine threw into a bin bag after Barry died] What are you playing at throwing this away?
Janine: Well, he's not going to need it where he has gone to, is he?

"EastEnders: Episode dated 14 December 1999" (1999)
Jamie: [about to have sex] Shouldn't we... take precautions?
Janine: You mean lock the door?

"EastEnders: Episode dated 6 November 2000" (2000)
Janine: You weren't a good wife to dad anyway. And do you know what, I don't blame him for what he did.
Peggy: What did you say?
Janine: You heard me! You're a witch. All you ever did was nag 'im and nag 'im. Pat made dad happy, Peggy. At least she was a real woman.
[Peggy slaps her]

"EastEnders: Episode dated 5 July 2001" (2001)
[Janine is in a bad mood because Terry's date, Margaret, stayed the night. Margaret is in the kitchen cooking a fried breakfast for herself and Terry]
Janine: I thought you were staying for dinner, not breakfast!
Margaret: Actually Janine I've just made some. Want to join us?
Janine: No, thank you. And a word of advice. Terry shouldn't have fried food. Gives him wind.
Terry: Janine!
Janine: Because actually I'm going to get some fresh air. There's a funny smell in here.
Terry: Smell?
Janine: Sort of between mothballs and a joss stick. See ya.

"EastEnders: Episode dated 5 January 2004" (2004)
Janine: [about Barry who died in a fall] If only he hadn't been so romantic! If only he just didn't have so much love in him! If only he'd worn slip-on shoes!