John Bates
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John Bates (Character)
from "Downton Abbey" (2010)

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"Downton Abbey: Episode #4.4" (2013)
John Bates: [Speaking of his wife's unexplained recent distance:] She says it is nothing I have done, but how can I believe that? Must be my fault, because she is incapable of fault.

"Downton Abbey: Episode #1.2" (2010)
[the servants are discussing Matthew Crawley, Lord Robert's heir, and his mother Isobel]
Thomas: So what d'you think we'll make of them?
Sarah O'Brien: I shouldn't think much. *She* hasn't even got a lady's maid.
Anna: It's not a capital offence.
John Bates: She's got a maid - her name's Ellen. She came a day early.
Sarah O'Brien: She's not a lady's maid. She's just a housemaid that fastens hooks and buttons when she has to. There's more to it than that, you know.
Anna: We want some *very* precise reporting when dinner's over.
Thomas: Are we to treat him as the heir?
Sarah O'Brien: Are we heck as like! A doctor's son from Manchester? He'll be lucky if he gets a civil word out of me.
Anna: [drily] We're *all* lucky if we get a civil word out of you.

"Downton Abbey: Episode #1.1" (2010)
Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham: Do you miss the army, Bates?
John Bates: I miss a lot of things, but you have to keep moving, don't you.

"Downton Abbey: Episode #4.5" (2013)
Anna Bates: ...But I'm spoiled for you. And I can never be unspoiled.
John Bates: You are not spoiled. You're made higher to me, and holier because of the suffering you've been put through. You are my wife, and I have never been prouder, nor loved you more than I love you now at this moment.
Anna Bates: Truly?
John Bates: Truly.