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Dr. Linus Wagner (Character)
from "The Mentalist" (2008)

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"The Mentalist: Pilot (#1.1)" (2008)
Patrick Jane: I was thinking: why do magicians have beautiful girl assistants?
Dr. Linus Wagner: Why?
Patrick Jane: Because they're reliable distracters of attention. People will look at a beautiful girl for a long time before they look where they should be looking if they want to see how the trick really works.

Dr. Linus Wagner: Why is it you can't sleep?
Patrick Jane: Because I can't get the good pills without talking to a doctor.
Dr. Linus Wagner: And you don't like talking to doctors.
Patrick Jane: Well, you know. The always want to be the smartest person in the room, don't they? When in fact that's me, obviously.

Patrick Jane: You know, when I was a boy, we had a farm. There was a lot of work. I was kind of a lazy kid.
Dr. Linus Wagner: Yes?
Patrick Jane: I'd always be trying to get my little brother, Jimmy, to do my chores for me. One day, I promised him a dollar if he'd cut the firewood. Well... he opened up an artery in his leg on the saw, and he bled to death. Died... doing my chores for me.
Dr. Linus Wagner: You know... that's almost exactly the same thing that happened to Johnny Cash.
Patrick Jane: Is it really? Wow. That's spooky.

Dr. Linus Wagner: What led you to me? Not that I'm saying I did it. I'm just... asking.
Patrick Jane: When we first met, you said you didn't know who Red John was. But you have books on criminal psychiatry there that have chapters on him. You're the Randolph family doctor, so you could easily get a strand of Tag's hair, and being a doctor, you could hack up another human without difficulty. It's obvious it was you.

"The Mentalist: Ball of Fire (#3.8)" (2010)
Dr. Linus Wagner: Your friend Jane is very clever. But I don't think he realizes the rageful feeling his trickery can provoke. I've felt that rage. I've thought of various unpleasant things I would do to him. And right now someone is acting on thoughts like those. Aren't you worried what's being done to him? There are things so much worse than killing a man.
Teresa Lisbon: You can go to Hell! And when they kill you, I'm going to be there to watch.