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Quotes for
Dermot Brown (Character)
from "Mrs. Brown's Boys" (2011)

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"Mrs. Brown's Boys: Mammy Rides Again (#1.4)" (2011)
Agnes Brown: Dermot, what's a blow job?
Dermot Brown: 20 quid, mammy.
Agnes Brown: They change the fecking language every day!

"Mrs. Brown's Boys: SuperMammy (#2.4)" (2012)
Buster Brady: Oh, that Robin.
Agnes Brown: Who's Robbin'
Buster Brady: Me.
Agnes Brown: You wanna give that up son.
Dermot Brown: No Mammy, he not going to be robbin', he's going to BE Robin.
Agnes Brown: When?
Dermot Brown: In a few days.
Agnes Brown: He's not robbin today.
Dermot Brown: Obviously.
Agnes Brown: Be he's going to be robbin' and you think thats alright?
Dermot Brown: Mammy, you're getting confused.
Buster Brady: Dermot, can I explain?
Dermot Brown: This should be good.
Buster Brady: You see Mrs Brown, Robin is good and I'm going to be Robin, so if I'm Robin Robin, then there will be no robbin' because Robin he's not into robbin'
Agnes Brown: Like Batman and Robin.
Buster Brady: Yeah.
Dermot Brown: Seriously? You got it from that?
Agnes Brown: I thought it was perfectly clear.