Amy Squirrel
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Amy Squirrel (Character)
from Bad Teacher (2011)

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Bad Teacher (2011)
Amy Squirrel: Shut the front door.

[the police find Elizabeth's drug stash in Amy's desk]
Amy Squirrel: Those aren't mine! That's not even my desk!
Elizabeth Halsey: [with fake sympathy] Don't worry, Amy. We'll get you the help you need.
Amy Squirrel: You MONSTER!
[goes for Elizabeth, only to be dragged off by the police]

Amy Squirrel: [as she is being dragged away] You can check my urine! CHECK MY URINE! CHECK MY URINE!

Elizabeth Halsey: [takes bite out of an apple] I thought the teachers were supposed to get the apples.
Amy Squirrel: Well I think the students teach me at least as much as I teach them. That's just something I say sometimes.
Elizabeth Halsey: Stupid.
[tosses apple at a recycle bin and misses]