DHS Agent Mark Fallon
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DHS Agent Mark Fallon (Character)
from "Castle" (2009)

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"Castle: Countdown (#3.17)" (2011)
Richard Castle: Why would he steal McCann's identity?
Agent Mark Fallon: [to Beckett and Esposito] I thought this guy was a crime novelist.
Richard Castle: I-I am.
Agent Mark Fallon: Well then you should know that sometimes people who operate outside the law will take the Social Security number of a deceased individual and use it to forge a new identity.
Richard Castle: I know. I've done it three times in my books. What I'm saying is why would he steal Kevin McCann's identity?
Agent Mark Fallon: Because it was convenient.
Richard Castle: Why was it convenient? I mean, the money that was deposited into Amir's account to implicate him, we tracked it back to Afghanistan. McCann served in Afghanistan; maybe there's a link.
Agent Mark Fallon: What kind of link?
Richard Castle: I don't know. Maybe... maybe this guy wasn't just stealing the identity of some random dead guy. Maybe McCann is someone he knew, or someone he needed to be.

Agent Mark Fallon: Do you see yourself as a... a great hero, doing this for a... a mighty cause? You think that's how people are going to see you? Because I'll tell you right now, brother, if you let this happen, you're going to go down in history as America's greatest mass murderer. Is that what you want?
Kevin McCann: When this bomb goes off, do you think they're going to be looking at me? People will see this as an act of terrorism, so they will be looking for a terrorist. Not a patriot. Not one of their own.
Agent Mark Fallon: Is that what you think you are? A patriot? There's a word for people like you, it's not "patriot". It's "traitor".
Kevin McCann: The powers that be have no use for a traitor. So when they find their terrorist, and they will find their terrorist, what do you think will happen to me?
[Fallon shrugs]
Kevin McCann: Well, let me tell you, because I know them, I know how they think. I will become a footnote in one of your files, buried so far back no one will ever find it, because anything more would be an inconvenience to their self-serving, rabble-rousing narrative. So why don't you do us all a favor and just accept the inevitable.

Agent Mark Fallon: My job isn't to make friends. It's to stop bad things from happening. And seeing as how we're just a couple of hours away from a major terrorist event, and we are basically back at square one, I could really use your help.

Agent Mark Fallon: What I do is not who I am. It's just how I have to be.

"Castle: Setup (#3.16)" (2011)
DHS Agent Mark Fallon: [Giving a presentation] Thank you, Captain. Alright, folks, here's what we know. Amir Alhabi built a bomb in storage unit C412. It's a dirty bomb, designed to explode and disburse a highly radioactive Cobalt 60. That bomb is missing...
Kevin Ryan: Called Jenny to tell her I'd be late. Tried to get her to go visit her mom.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, I did the same thing with Lanie. Didn't work. She hates her mom.