The Hermit
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The Hermit (Character)
from Evil Deeds 3 (2013) (V)

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Evil Deeds (2004) (V)
The Hermit: Put your gun away, I mean you no harm.
Rico: Who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing here?
The Hermit: I go by many names, but you can call me the hermit for now. This is my home, I live here.
Rico: Ok Kermit the Hermit, I think I'll stick around here until things blow over.
The Hermit: You have nothing to fear from the police, they won't come in here.
Rico: What make you think the police are after me and why won't they come in here?
The Hermit: They are afraid to come in here.
Rico: Why would they be afraid to come in here?
The Hermit: Cause many have entered here and none of them have returned.
Rico: Are you trying to tell me you killed them, old man?
The Hermit: Not exactly, but they won't come in here. So relax, your safe.